So, Who's Your Go-To Girl?

  1. Do you find yourself going to the same Coach bag even though you've got a nice collection of bags growing in your closet? If so, what is it?

    I love my whiskey Ali and my natural slim tote, but I always seem to go to my large braided chocolate hobo 6279 for the following reasons:

    • Single strap--essential when trying to keep up with little kids,
    • Zipper top--big bonus, especially when I hit the brakes and my bag goes flying off the front seat, and
    • Dark brown color--let's face it--it's my favorite color, even though my husband contends that brown is really not considered a color.
    I've wanted a large Carly for awhile but fear the large Cs don't look right on me. I also love the large Ergo tote but one wrong turn and it would spill all my goodies like secrets at a nightclub.

    Ideally, if there were a chocolate or whiskey Carly with the legacy lining, I'd probably buy three of them!

    What's your favorite go-to bag and why?:shrugs:
  2. Out of all of my Coach bags Im really loving my large black sig Carly. Big enough to carry all of mine and the hubbys goods, zip top, non slip shoulder, matches everything and the slouch is just perfeft.
  3. I have a botkier 3 puccis and a burberry sitting in my closet along with countless others.
    But the bag that I love and can't put down is my Legacy sig zip bag. I just love everything about it.:heart:
  4. id go to my signature stripe tote bag!
  5. I carry my Large Carryall (Black Sig) everyday for work. I always carry a purse too but I rotate them every week. When I go away for the weekend I always just use my Carryall.

  6. I guess right now it's my large Ergo Tote! That thing holds a ton of stuff!! My all time love, though, is my Whiskey Legacy Satchel :heart:
  7. Right now it's my large black leather Carly. It holds a lot or a little and sits perfectly on my shoulder. It zips closed and slouches so nicely. It goes with everything, it and I don't worry about it getting dirty like I do with other bags. I used her today and had my oblong watercolor tied to her-I thought she looked hot!! :biggrin:
  8. Aww man.....that's like picking a favorite child......but I think for now it's my Carly.....holds everything with room to spare and neutral enough to coordinate with everything.
  9. I always seem to go with my black signature stripe tote; its so roomy and it matches with everything!
  10. Which Carly do you have...a Khaki one? Which size?
    Just wondering as I am still debating on color and size of the Carly I'll keep :smile:

    On the Sig Stripe Tote...has anyone ever seen a Black on Black w/Gunmetal Stripe one before?!?!? I haven't...did they make this color combo?
  11. Oh wow...I realized I don't have a go-to girl =(
  12. i've been carrying my pond shoulder bag since the millisecond I got it.
  13. Me either. I don't have a big enough collection.
  14. I've been carrying a soho tote since I got it for my bday. Its very roomy and perfect for work.
  15. definitely my her to death!