So who's tired of the XL Single? NOT ME!! (Reveal)

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  1. Hi everyone!
    Just wanted to share my latest greatest most gorgeous yummy MJ purchase: the XL Single in Laquered Grey!:love:
    I love the size of this bag, the ease of use, the lightweight quality....I love just everything about it!
    It is such an easy & comfy bag to wear.
    And that's not even talking about the leather: this laquered leather is gorgeous! It has a sheen, but not too shiny, and the leather woven thru the strap is just the icing on the cake.
    I am having shoulder surgery on Tuesday the 12th, so I have really downsized (again) and sold off many of my more heavy bulky bags and I swear, this is the best all around bag! It will certainly be easy to use during my recovery process.

    I am already plotting to buy my next one.....
    I am thinking black with the regular chain strap.

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  2. And I didn't forget the crappy bathroom modelling pix!!!
    I love it!!!!

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  3. Wow! that bag looks so great on you! I just love that color and the leather is amazing!!
  4. Beautiful!
  5. Gorgeous bag! I have the regular dark grey XL single, and love it. Definitely get the black one it's a such a classic, imo :smile:
  6. it looks so great on you! i wish it would have worked for me! :sad:
  7. absolutely love it!!
    I had this same bag for a brief while, so I know just how wonderful the color and leather are - I love how the bag changes color depending on the lighting (bright light = purple undertones, dimmer light = darker grey)

    I also think the leather woven chain is such a classy touch
    It looks great on you!!
    Nothing wrong w/owning more than 2 of the same style - stick w/what works!:tup:
  8. Love it!!!!!! looks awesome on you:smile:
  9. Gorgeous!!
  10. it's gorgeous and you pull it off so flawlessly!
  11. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  12. Bag twins! I agree with everything you've said!
  13. This looks fantastic on you. I love the leather and the woven chain and the color. Gorgeous!
  14. love the color of this!! the lacquered finish is gorgeous with the grey.... great purchase, and it looks fabulous on you!
  15. GORGEOUS!:faint::faint:
    I love everything about it! I didn't realize it is so large!
    Oh ANOTHER MJ I think I have to have!!