So who's the secretive TPF member selling this?

  1. The Red Epi Speedy she bid on recently - I'm not so sure about. The pictures sure weren't good. But I'm not so much up on Epi. It is is real, it was a good buy.
  2. Not sure how much they're charging for the actual box, but shipping the bag with the box can get expensive as you need a bigger shipping box and it adds more weight.
  3. I got the impression she meant shipping would be more to include the box? :shrugs:
  4. Hmmm...coz I'm considering buying the BH and returning the BH I bought the other day at the store for a Damier Papillon :lol:
  5. I never like sellers who put right in their auction not to question them about authenticity and then say no returns. (It's as if they don't want an e-mail trail).

    Also, look at her questions and answers. When someone asked her about authenticity, she said "As stated in my auction (please review), this is a 100% Authentic Louis Vuitton item. If you have any doubts, then please do not bid!"

    I would steer clear I think of this one. Also, is her feedback high enough for paypal protection or ebay protection?

    I don't like how she is responding to people in her questions. I don't know about this one. Some of her pictures are very dark, and then some very light. This one would scare me. I think I would go for one of the more long-term reputable sellers. Why in the world would you buy a BH and then not use it at all . . . Why not return it. If she bought it at the Boutique, she could have returned it in the first few weeks even without a receipt (they would have been able to pull up her information). Why don't you ask her who her SA was and date of purchase or last name and call the SA yourself? It just seems odd . . .
  6. Good call charleston-mom! I think I'll just wait until Christmas rolls around for my Papillon:sweatdrop:
  7. It's real. Her feedback is over 98%, so she is protected. Her pictures are dark but good. And I sold a Mini Pochette I never used and lost about $30 on it. Sometimes you buy stuff and never use it. It's not unheard of. As for telling someone to not bid if they're unsure, I do that too sometimes. I'd rather not have a buyer who comes back later ranting and raving if some little thing makes them think it's not authentic. It saves headaches, and any one can see it's real.
  8. How can u tell the seller is a TPf member?
  9. She says she is in her description.
  10. Oh, i found it!
    i didn't see:roflmfao:

  11. So.....:shrugs:

    yes or no ladies? I really want the Damier Papillon!! :hysteric:
  12. I just bought a Mono Trouville on ebay and the seller asked if I wanted the box...I said sure...then she said it was another $20. I agreed as it would increase the shipping. Then she asked if I wanted the dustbag...for $30! I said no thanks. $30 for a dustbag :wtf:...can you imagine? Talk about upselling.
  13. This is kind of silly don't you think?
    I doubt who ever it is will actually tell now.