So, who's spring cleaning?

  1. And how is it coming?

    We are in the midst of it right now, and boy does our apartment look like a dump! We've pulled so much out of our small storage area and our closet, and are going through everything, reorganizing, boxing up things for Goodwill, and deciding what we'll put out to the curbside (our city has their annual household rubbish pick-up this week, so the junk can go out and they'll pick it up for you -- separate from the regular garbage, larger things like broken tables and stuff). Our section of yard is mostly good, we just need to bag up our leaves and pick up some dog poop.

    It's so frustrating, though! I feel like we're moving or something. But it feels good to fling fling fling, you know? We had some things in our storage crawl-space for about two years, so we're parting with most of it. We're making good progress, even though sometimes I feel like I don't know what to do with it all. I can't wait until we have our own house; we only have one closet in our entire apartment, and just a small crawl-space for storage, so it's hard to find a place for all the things we DO want to keep.

    How about all of you? Are any of you doing some heavy spring cleaning? How is it going?
  2. My room looks like a mess because I am cleaning my closet out , if I have not worn it in 2 years or if it does not fit then it has to leave , so far I have given away like 200 hundred pieces to a consignment shop , I am sure I can still find more , it feels good
  3. I did my spring cleaning two weeks ago. I am kind of a minimalist, so not to much to throw out. But omg I didn't know how much dirt really collects on the windows. But after reading what your doing makes me want to clean again...LOL.
  4. ^ I'm trying to be less of a packrat now, haha. It's hard because my SO is even worse than I am about holding on to things. I have to keep telling me, "We never use that, just let it go." :lol:
  5. I started... but gave up too easily. LOL

    I really need to start clearing out some stuff in my closet... there's no room for anything, and I haven't purchased any new clothes recently! It's overwhelming and frustrating to even look at.
  6. Ditto, I don't have alot of clutter~ I'm the queen of "throwing it out". Sometimes I get a little over zealous & my husband is asking me "where is that blue shirt I had?" Hmm.. dear, I have no idea:shrugs: :shame: He tends to be more of a packrat. I just got rid of his Rollerblades. I've been with him 10 years & he has not worn them 1 time since we met. However, when I broach the subject of getting rid of them, he would always "no, I'm going to use them!" yea right! lol I just quit asking & tossed them.

    We have our house on the market so I'm killing myself to keep it as spotless as possible at all times. With 2 little ones, that's not so easy! So yes, I'm on constant spring cleaning patrol right now!:p
  7. I have been cleaning like crazy. I got my NEW steam cleaner and this is the 3rd one I owned so I am doing every inch of the house. I literally clean the baseboards, doors, walls, windows, curtains anything that I can zap with steam.......
    Today I am doing my bedroom. First I took everything out of my very small closet. Then I bagged up anything I don't want, wear, use or it doesn't fit. I have 3 garbage bags to give away. How great....... I have a wardrobe that I just put all my tops in and then I organized my purses on the bottom of it in wicker fabric covered baskets......It is great to open the door and see everything perfect. I got rid of all clothes that also looked old to me or had a stain or was just not my style now. I did buy a lot of new tops these past two weeks, but they are cute dressy T-shirts and it is nice to see some color in my wardrobe after the winter. I am now left with a total mess in the rest of my room. I have a large mission style computer desk and a mission style bookcase with 2 open shelves that I need to put together...... Once that gets done I can really clean out the rest of my bedroom and organize my stuff. I do not have a desk (UGH) so it has been very frustrating trying to do my work there. We have office furniture that needs to be put together for our home office, but I don't see it happening soon since my husband bought it 3 years ago and it is stilled boxed up..... I am in the mood to just get rid of anything I don't need. It is very refreshing to do this. Now hubby is a pack rat so just getting rid of anything is a accomplishment on my part. He even gets upset if I get rid of my things..... So spring cleaning it is and it will probably take a month for me to get the house just perfect.
  8. Oh yes! One of my rooms looks like it barfed, hee hee. I'm trying to clean out crap and get more storage bins to get things in the garage.

    also I'm doing a ruthless purge of the closets. Oy. That includes all closets and dresser drawers...undies, socks, hosiery, knick knacks, you name it.

    It IS a great feeling!
  9. I'm planning on getting some spring cleaning done 2 weeks from now during my vacation.. I know my brother did his yesterday. He didn't do a hardcore cleaning but did purge out older clothes that he hasn't worn in a while and doesn't want anymore.
  10. LOL I do that too. "Hmmm what, I don't know where you put your stuff" is a very common phrase in this household...LOL.

  11. I know exactly what your talking about. My DH likes to collect little toys and knick knacks that get displayed for a week then placed in his closet. I just told him to keep in his closet and make sure I can't see it...LOL.

  12. I too am purging and cleaning. I'm actually considering having a garage sale to help clear out some space!! I love it when my space doesn't look too cluttered!

  13. Well, it's after 9pm and I'm still going at it. There's no way I'll have the house in order today (or even tomorrow, since I work all day and have plans for the evening), but at least we'll have everything OUT of here that isn't staying. The rest will just be general cleaning and putting everything back in its place, and I can putz at that all week.

    My dogs are looking at me strangely, and are terribly curious about every single box we take out or pack.
  14. I have been purging here and there since Christmas. My husband has been pestering me to do this for years, I told him it would get done when the motivation hits. For some reason, it hit in December, and I have been steadily clearing things out since then. I've probably hauled about 25 bags and boxes of stuff to the Salvation Army since then, and trashed quite a bit. The larger stuff gets put by the trash on trash day, and it usually disappears within an hour. Hopefully someone is getting some use from all of this stuff. I still have some stuff that's been boxed up since we moved here in 1998. *sigh*
  15. Me!

    Last week I got rid of a huge bag of clothes I don't wear and don't fit. I gave them to my mom to donate.

    I need to get my papers organized though.