So who's in the UK?

  1. Wanted to see how many UK'ers there are amongst us and whats your favourite bag EVER that you own?

    Also any hints and tips for shopping in the UK would be nice.
  2. Incidentally mines is a Gucci velvet evening bag - limited edition that I pined after for months. It's my pride and joy. My local Harvey Nichols is the place to be with SA's that go totally out of their way to keep things for me, advise of new things and tell me about sneaky reductions about to happen!
  3. Another UK'er here. My favourite bag is my Chloe Silverado - bought it last week in the Net-A-Porter sales. My nearest place for a handbag fix is Harvey Nichols in Leeds, or the Mulberry sale shop in York.
  4. hey im from wirral, by liverpool!!! no near shops for me :sad: although liverpool has just opened a flannels which sells prada, dior, fendi, gucci etc... i LOVVVVE the place! also Cricket and Vivienne Westwood are fav's for me.
    The fav bag in my house is my mums fuschia d&g with snake skin bag, TO DIE FOR! CB sported the same one in a different colour along with a matching purple and snakeskin outfit. My collection is very limited, infact it hasnt even really begun, i own a speedy 30 and then the rest are dkny etc..
  5. Im in the UK too :smile:
    I am in surrey. London is 45 minutes away from me, so getting to Harolds and harvey nics is nice and easy ;)

    Richmond is my favourite place to shop. Matches is a gorgeous boutique and is 10 mins from my house. I have a good relationship with them there so find out when special pieces are coming in. They also have a store in Notting Hill and Wimbledon, and are going to be selling on line in September so will be available countrywide soon :smile:

    Fave bag, hmm, thats a hard one, but judging by my avatar, which came about from too many conversations with people, that usually go as follows.

    ooh love your bag, who makes it
    its chloe, babe!! ;)

    so I suppose Chloe steals my heart, but I could not choose one bag over another, it would be like liking one of my children more than the other LOL
  6. I'm in London, and my favourite bag is the Chloe Paddington Saddle Bag, it was the search for that bag that led me to the P.F. My favourite shop is also Matches, and Selfridges too.
  7. I'm in Bath but i usually go to London to do shopping. My favorite place is Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. My favorite bag ? Umm it's tough. i guess they are my tan paddy and a black east-west caviar Chanel..
  8. Hey I'm from the U.K. I live in Liverpool, which definitly has some really cool shops. Cricket which stocks everything from Chloe to Juicy Couture, I love it there! We also have a Vivienne Westwood which is fab! lol! And as Hannah (gucci_girl_gg) just said liverpool has just opened a Flannels wich sell EVERYTHING. lol!
    The nearest department store for me is Harvey Nichols and Selfridges in Manchester which isn't to far, so whenever I get the chance I always take a trip up to see whats new!
    Currently my fave bag is my new Luella Red Giselle that I bought from Harvey Nichols last week! Its totally TDF, I :heart: it! lol!
    Where about in the U.K do you live secret_shopaholic?
  9. yay im going upto HN and Selfridges on monday rose (is that your name?) but im NOT going to spend London funds haha! ive got my london funds 'account' im my room and im not going to take it to manchester... not not not going to :sad: i want to soooo bad... *thinks of chanel and BH... thinks harder* hmmm maybe ill just try the BH on for size in manc :biggrin: hehe
  10. Yup thats my name lol! Omg I totally love HN and Selfridges, I love the LV opposite HN's aswell lol! I literally cannot leave them, I stay in all day long! lol! I think the other week when I went up to buy my Luella I was in the handbag department for like 3 hours lol! I just want to buy EVERYTHING!
    Hannah you have to be strong lol! Do not take you london fund account, don't do it! lol!
    What are you planning on buying up there? Anything in particular?
  11. I'm from the UK too!! I live not far from the centre of London in the eastend. My fave place for handbag shopping has to be Libertys behind Oxford Circus. They stock Luella, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, McQueen, Miu Miu, Mulberry and a host of smaller labels like Anya Hindmarch, Kimchi and Lulu Guiness. The shop assistants are so friendly and never rude or patronising. They also have high end vintage which I love to look at as I am a vintage queen ( never buy them there tho' - v. overpriced, markets like portobello and Spitalfields are better.) Harvey Nicks does have a great bag dept. tho' and i love looking at the Bracher Emden bags in Selfridges, though in general i find the assistants a bit off there.

    As for my favourite bag - agghhh! How to choose! I love them all! I have a little cream chanel with gold chain that I picked up at a vintage shop that i'm carrying a lot at the moment and my Mulberry Araline too.

    It's so nice to hear from other UK'ers, I was wondering how many of us are regulars here!
  12. rose, i know what you mean about the handbag dept. me and my mum go up to shop in manc but spend all day running between shops, last time the doorman on harvery nic's knew us by face we'd been in and out that much hehe! im not planning on buying anything yet, maybe a chloé tee or juicy one, a fun summery one.! i got a gorgeous see by chloé vest top from cheshire oaks the other week! £30 from £60 so i was all happy. and i sooo wanted a burberry tote but mum dragged me out the shop sooner than i could beg lol
    i cant wait to go into the LV, i havent been in one since purchasing my speedy so it'll be fun :biggrin:
  13. OMG that funny bout the doorman knowing you name lol! I'm exactly the same running back and forth lol! What are we like eh? lol!
    Your see by chloe vest top sounds was a good bargain, I bet you were made up! Aw what was the burberry tote like, are you sad you didn't get it?
    The LV is really nice there all the SA's are really nice, And they have quite a good selection of shoes there aswell! The other week when I went the dooman there was super cute, and so friendly! lol! He was only about 19! lol! Are you after anything particular from LV? Or just going for a browse?
  14. Hey fellow UK addicts! I live in Edinburgh, moved here from London last year and Harvey Nicks has got to be my absolute favourite store! I love that it's opposite LV which is my second best.

    I just bought a choco spy from Harvey Nicks and am thinking of getting a LV Damier Alma in a few days.
    My love at the moment is my Chanel burgandy reissue. I spend a fair bit of time working in our London office and bought this a week ago on a jaunt to Harrods.

    It's so lovey to speak to other handbag addicts from the UK :flowers:
  15. Hey estile nice to hear from a fellow UK'er lol! Your handbags sound totally gorgeous, especially you Chanel, you will have to post some pics. That exactly what I love about the HN in mancester you can just pop across to the LV oppisite! Its totally Fabulous!
    So what do you work as, your london office sounds exciting lol!
    Nice to hear from you.