So.....who's happy with LE Magenta??

  1. After seeing many people complaining about the quality of LE magenga, it really got me upset. I have store credit at BalNY and I used it to get LE magenta SGH. I'll prob. receive it next Tuesday, but in what kind of condition?? Especially I already did "exchange" twice with BalNY, I won't be able to exchange/return anymore. What if most of LE magenta are poorly made?? I don't even want to think about wasting almost $1600 for a cr*p bag.

    So.....are there anyone who got LE magenta bag and really happy?? Or am I doomed???:cursing:
  2. I'm totally happy with mine...RH Magenta. After I got over the initial shock that it was different from the 2005 Magenta, I grew to love it. I still stare at it a lot throughout the day, just to revel in its beauty. :yes:
  3. I am ecstatic with my SGH Magenta! I dragged out all my '05 Magentas to compare, and the new bag has that same lovely purpley color of the old. Well, with one exception: an extremely dark '05 pochette that doesn't match the other '05's. I love the different look with the SGH. But then I haved loved a lot of the other bags pfer's have posted, with GGH and rh. Bring on the pinker spring '08 color! I have my excuse why I can have that, too, all ready. :p
  4. Hi, I got my 07 limited edition magenta last week, to be honest I don't like it as much as the 05 magenta~! the 07 magenta is kinda dry and matt looking~and the shine is gone,too~:wtf:
    but I'll still keep it since I like the color anyway.

    good luck~
  5. I am completely happy with my RH Magenta. The leather and color are awesome!
  6. Not very happy with mine (you can see what I mean in my previous posts). Even my SA, after sending pics, said that the bag looked "shoddy". I will be going to BalNY this weekend to pick out my own magenta. If i am not happy with any i will request a full refund to my cc.
  7. please see UK bag club thread for my experience! xax
  8. rollergirl, do you have a group shot of your magentas? would you post it pretty pretty please :graucho:
  9. i am pretty happy with mine, so far! i ordered the RH magenta.
  10. Yup, once I get home and upload them. All my magenta pics always look pinker than the bags actually are, and I can't seem to do better.
  11. I am happy with mine too :smile:
    Though I dont own 05 Magenta and can't compare directly, from other TPFers pics I kinda think that 07 Magenta is much lighter..however I like it better that way..more subtle for me :heart:
  12. alex, i'm really sorry that it happened to you. i know you were really psyched about getting it. i really hope your story has a happy ending and they do the right thing!!
  13. I'm a very happy camper :smile:. These bags are beautiful
  14. From the pictures I've seen, I think they look gorgeous! I hope that when you receive yours it will be instant love!
  15. Love my GGH! the gold just pops the magenta!:girlsigh: