So....who's got the new prada mobile?

  1. I wannit!!!!
  2. I'm not sure what bag your talking about, could you post a picture or link.
  3. It's a phone GianFranco, my daughter wants it :yes:
  4. I didn't know Prada would make a phone just like all the other designers. I suppose it's like boutique hotels - every designer must have one or be part of it.
  5. Yes they also collaborated with ASUS to produce a pink leather laptop, it's very attractive. Don't know about the phone though haven't seen IRL yet!
    The D&G one was just the Motorola Razar in gold with a charm. Really you were buying the D&G name as both my kids had the razar & it wasn't much of a phone.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I really want it.
  8. wow that pink leather laptop sounds really pretty, do you have a picture of it ?
  9. This is not likethe D&G razr, I heard it's only to be sold in Prada stores? Also it's more like Prada wanted to make a phone and needed an engine/drive /technical expertise for it rather than some phone producer stamping logos on the phone (which was the case more or less with the D&G moto).
  10. Yes I agree it is more unique
  11. It's Prada's take on the new iphone. Touch screen technology, screen visuals just like the iphone.

    I am personally counting the days till Iphone!
  12. I read somewhere that it won't be avaliable in the US, cause they have a different system than the rest of us, and the phone is Tri-band, but it could be wrong..

    And it will def not be avaliable in Norway:crybaby:
  13. the prada phone was annouced before the iphone I believe.

    too bad this wont be available in the US, I want it!!!
  14. I dont think so, my reg. mobile phone store is selling it on the 23rd March