So who's bought from the New Season?

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  1. I know Flossie has bought a Mitzy Messenger but who else has bought something from the Mulberry New Season?
  2. Me, i've bought the Mitzy messenger in oak too! :love:
  3. Me, I've bought the Mitzy messenger in turquoise. It'll be here on Tuesday.
  4. Me! I have the Mitzy messenger in oak too!
  5. ^^ Knock Knock Ladyc, everybody is waiting your pic in your own thread. Somebody was sleeping when I last peeped actually..
  6. So my prediction that Mitzy Messenger would be the bag of the season seems to be coming true then!?
  7. ^^ It certainly seems that way. I can imagine that once some colour is sold out, it will appear on eBay saying "Must have 09 bag! This colour was instantly sold out by popular demand..." etc.
  8. Have you seen the Bayswater Clutch in lipstick has already sold out, and lots of accessories like the champagne receipt holder etc have sold out even though they were in the coming soon section.
  9. ^^^ do you think they put sold out by mistake? surely they cant have sold them all already?
  10. That's what I didn't understand, why have it as coming soon, then days later have them all out of stock? Very unusual - unless they had people on a waiting list, do they do that?
  11. No, as far as I know they do not. I asked once to reserve a bag for me as soon as it was available and even offered to pay in advance. Very polite answer: NO.
  12. Hmmm good to know BC, thanks - then I wonder if its a stock distribution problem - or they are awaiting shipment so put them out of stock in the meantime?
  13. Well, I do not understand anything that happens at Mulberry at the moment. I think everyone who orders a new bag can be relieved when they get it and no sooner than that!
  14. I wondered why they had out of stock too - i love the Bays clutch in lipstick but what a price! Glad they did put a strap on it for the size too. Hmmmm here's hoping for the sale in June!
  15. I thought they did that with all the coming soon stock, it's not the first time they've done it on that section.