So who won the Flat Brass Classique?

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  1. I was watching the end of this auction and really hope that a pf'er won the second season fbf!

    Do tell!!:yahoo:
  2. ..And at a pretty low price too!! (for a fbf)
  3. I was wondering that too!

    Plus, who got the RT for $975??
  4. ^^OMG! That's a STEAL for a RT!
  5. Whats an RT?
    I considered the black but am holding out for a chocolate fb.
  6. ^^ "rouge theatre" (thought to be the most desired balenciaga "red" so far...)
  7. Congrats Celia!!
  8. Congrats - that is a hot bag!
  9. Thanks Hmwe46...i also never expected that i won this auction.....:nuts: :nuts:
  10. Great price. Congrats Celia!!
  11. Congrats Celia!!
  12. congrats on a sweet bag!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.