So who went to the outlets and what followed you home?!

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  1. Show us your lovely goodies!!
  2. yes!
    the rest of us want to live vicariously through you!
  3. Please share.
  4. Nothing!!!!
    I couldn't wait in line an hour for only 20% off when I know that I really want the Ali and I don't have to wait for that. Am I a horrible person?
  5. OH MY GOSH.

    We just got home - it's just after 4:00 a.m. The outlet is around two hours away. It was crazy busy - there were five mile backups on the highway in each direction of the exit and the line outside Coach was unbelievable. We got there about 11:45 p.m. but I just made my way to the front. No, I didn't shove or anything. I was one of the first 25 people or so in the store and I witnessed a FIST FIGHT (no kidding) as I got shoved in the door. People were actually taking bags out of other people's hands. It got so bad in there that they had to stop people from entering the store and a line to get in still existed at 2:00 a.m. when we left. I talked to the manager when I was in line to pay and they did not plan on even half of the madness that happened this morning. I got in, got out and got the hell out of there. When we went by again before leaving there were four police cars outside Coach and I have NO IDEA what that was about. I can only imagine...

    I have been to those outlets over a hundred times and I have never seen so many people there any other time. It was a nightmare and I will never go to another after-Thanksgiving Midnight Madness sale ever again.

    The good news: I ended up with at Mini Sig Lurex Top Handle bag and matching Mini Skinny that are just BEAUTIFUL. Needless to say, I will post photos tomorrow. They had so much stuff but it was impossible to look at anything and I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could.

    I'll be so interested to hear about everyone else's experiences. Someone posted in another thread about the eBayers grabbing tons of bags and boy did I ever see that.

    Off to bed... :sleepy:
  6. We went to Woodbury Commons in Harriman and it was insane! Didn't actually make it into the Coach store (line was around the block.) Did score a watch from Time Factory, but it wasn't a black friday sale, so I could have gone anytime. Something about shopping at 1 in the morning is exciting, though.

    It was annoying that some of the stores that said they'd be open weren't open (Dooney&Bourke, L'Occitane)

    We got there at 11:00pm and found pretty decent parking. By the time we left (around 3) there were cars all the way back down the thruway.

  7. I bought some goodies... but I'll have to post pictures later. I really, really want to sleep. I've been out and about 10pm-9am and I'm exhausted!
  8. I went to the Hagerstown, MD outlet last night and confirmed my beliefs that outlets were a waste of my life. First off, they didn't plan this well at all. People couldn't even get into the exit to get to the outlets. I really didn't think that THIS many people would come to the outlets.

    I mean any other day it's not this busy, but this was like they had doorbusting prices going on (which they didn't). When I finally did get to coach, I walked in and out. They had the line wrapped around in a circle through the tiny store. THEN, you couldn't even walk around there were people everywhere.

    So did I buy anything? No. I would not wait in that line if they paid me. I felt like the walls were closing in. All for an additional 20 or 30 percent on some stuff I didn't even like in the first place. I need to save my money for things that are really on my list any way.

    So I'm tired and cranky and I have to go to work in an hour. GROWL.
  9. Holy s&*(! I went there too! Left an hour early thinking that the worst is that there's no parking and we'd have to circle around. WRONG! Traffic to the outlet was backed up 5 miles both ways. The only store I got something was Coach and it did make my trip worthwhile cause I've been trying to get this one bag for months on ebay and missed it all the time. I got one small bag, 3 wristlets and a letter charm for a friend of mine. BF stood in line for me, the poor dear. I told him never again. The deals weren't that good except for the old patchwork stuff. We got out aroudn 2:45 AM. Never again. If it wasn't for what I got, I'd be royally pissed. I'll post pics of what I got later on.
  10. :sad: Sorry it was so crazy!! I'm not going until tomorrow ... I need to pick up a chelsea bag for my mom and know those won't sell out. I figure I'd rather do clean up duty than mess with all that :graucho:
  11. I left at 1:49. We actually took another exit just so that we didn't have to wait in that line. It worked out because we got a parking space right away. I got there at 12 on the dot. All those people all over the place in pajamas, I couldn't help but laugh. It was too cold outside for pjs. When I saw that line in Coach, I knew there was no way I was going to stand in that line. I went right back into Zales with my mom and her friend who was buying a watch.
  12. I went to Lahaska first (opened at 7). They handed me an extra 10% off coupon on the way in the door - good until 10 AM. They did not have one single clearance item out - I was there last week or the week before & they didn't have much anyway. Nothing blew me away - they had the same stuff I just saw. Anyway, I got myself a black leather jacket, 2 charms, 2 umbrellas, 2 keyrings & a Hudson Briefcase. The jacket is really nice! A great price too!

    Reading - I got there a little after 10. They did not hand me a coupon. I did not see any signs that they had an early bird special. They did have alot of clearance bags, but they were the same ones as last week with the same discount. I stopped at Dooney - nothing special there. They had a coupon on the VF outlet website for 20% a reg priced item...

    Stopped at Kohls too.

    Now to get a nap before going to work.
  13. Lahaska had some nice Lurex bags - top handle and clutches in black, gold or pinkish purple. I had one in my hand but couldn't justify it.

    I also had the brown mosaic pleated handbag in my hand but couldn't justify that either!
  14. I live five minutes away from the outlet. Suprisingly my husband said he would go. We picked up my friend, another Coach lover and noticed the line from the highway of cars. We were surprised at how many cars were there. So we finally park, walk to coach and see this HUGE line that extends about 10 stores past Coach. I walk up and the lady guarding the door said 100 people at a time. We tried to wait but my husband couldn't do it. The line was barely moving. I may call them later and see if they are still doing the line thing. I can't believe I am actually considering going back!
  15. Which exit did you take? BF was contemplating that but he didn't want to get lost. Hehe, I saw those people in PJs too!!!