So who want's a LVoe Sweater

  1. that's right you read me right LV have brought out a LVoe Sweater totally cute

    We can go on LoVe overload, shoes, t shirts, bags charms & Brooches and now a sweater to top it all off.

    It says from £500 so that would be just under $1000 dollars. Here's the pic for Elle UK

  2. How cute! Can I ask when will it be available in the US?
  3. omg I want that! lol Actually out of all the LVOE stuff I want the Charm from the fine jewelry and the brooch!
  4. I wish they made a male version of the sweatshirt... Like a Black LVOE Polo?!
    I bought the Phone Charm because I *needed* something from this line...It's just super!
  5. It looks like a hoodie... or a sweatshirt without the hood, maybe.
  6. Ooh I love it! Wish it were zippered though! :yes:
  7. $1000 for a sweatshirt???? that's ridiculous, cute as it is.
  8. Very cute! Thanks Label for posting this!
  9. CUTE! i wish it was zippered too i hate it when it gets my hair all messy :wtf: lol
  10. Cute!!
  11. Wowza that's gorgeous! i so wouldn't buy any LV rtw tho, i have a 2year a £500 sweater = Ruined!
  12. so cute!!
  13. Cute but not my style, I like zip up hoodies better, I feel kind of um...large when I wear sweatshirts.
    This would have also been really cute as a cardigan.
  14. Really cute, but for the price id rather have a bag.
  15. haha, just saw that in elle too! Love it but since im a uni student everyone wears hoodys! So im like eh about them! I dont like hoodys just because everyone wears them!
    A LVoe one would stand out though! Soo pretty!