So who should travel with mama? First or Twiggy or neither?

  1. I must admit, I'm a little scared to take either of my darling Bbags across the country... what if someone swipes it? If it gets scratched? If a stranger offers it candy? :wtf::wtf: Anyway...

    I'm wondering if either of these sizes will be condusive for my trip. It's a business trip and I'll be flying for over 8 hours. On the weekend, I'll get to do some sightseeing. I'm worried about packing one because of the chance of lost luggage, so probably it will be on the plane with me as well. Is the first too small to go? The twiggy gets a little heavy IMO for a long day of sightseeing. What to do, gals?
  2. I say First. Because we are so limited in what we can carry on to the planes anyway, you don't have to worry about running out of space. And it won't get too heavy when you're sightseeing.
  3. I am currently traveling with my Twiggy. I think it's a great bag to pack in your carry on bc it smooshes flat, weighs almost nothing, but can hold a lot once you get to your destination. Plus, I think the shape of the Twiggy is so great bc it can dress up or down depending on the outfit and how you carry it.
  4. Twiggy of course, the first is a lil bit too small for the day.
  5. Twiggy for sure
  6. Twiggy
  7. twiggy
  8. Thanks guys! You make great points. I think one of the reasons my Twiggy feels heavy is because I load it up with things I really don't need to haul around all day long! I appreciate all the opinions :flowers:
  9. i took my first across the country earlier this summer. i just made sure to keep her in her dustbag and then wrapped a jacket around her in my carryon bag. i only needed space for my wallet, cell, camera and ipod so it was perfect for me.
  10. twiggy u can put more in that bag plus i love the fact that if i dun have alots in my twiggy it still look so lush. even if i filled my twiggy up it still looks so gorgeous.
  11. I'm saying TWIGGY as well - I never seem to be able to travel lightly! :Push: