so who sells marc jacobs that i don't know about?


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
i know the following sites:

so what am i missing? i'm looking for a marc jacobs patent leather elise. anyone know of a great small site that i haven't looked at?
I don't think any online retailers other than got the Elise in midnight (blue). But eluxury sold out awhile ago. Your best bet is to go through a MJ store and have them ship it to you.

If you want to see the midnight color in person, Nordstrom carries that color, but no Elise.
i saw a couple of the other patent bags in the midnight and loved the color, i just think i'm setting unreasonable goals for myself because my subconscious is trying to stop me from buying it.
I have been searching for the midnight Elise online (or at any store where I can return it if I don't love it) for over a month and have come up with nothing. Your best bet is to order through MJ, but the catch is if you don't love it, you can only return for store credit. Good luck!
Princessimp said:
I was also searching for a midnight Elise sometime ago online.
In the end, I got mine by calling up an MJ store and having it shipped to me.

ooo, i remember you, you're the girl from tfs w/ the pics! man i want an elise so bad!
Shopbop only sells Marc by Marc Jacobs and not the collection bags. sells MJ collection bags but they don't have the Elise online, though they did have it in some of their stores. Unfortunately, accessories are not returnable at Scoop...
I just went to duty free apparel in NYC where they have ever-changing merch which I belive to be the real deal--you can call and ask what they have. I saw a bunch of blakes, multi pockets, a few ediths and others I dont know by name. best of all the bags are discounted (not a ton but still!)

they've gotten a bunch of good write ups in New York Magazine, Best of New York, etc. (you could google if you're concerned about their rep)

happy hunting!