So........who ordered from Shopbop on the 24th?

  1. Just curious to see who placed an order for any of the MJ Zip clutches.
    I've been checking their page everyday for their Grey ZC and finally on the 24th I saw it reduced. I was at work and they have restrictions on internet was funny b/c I ran down the hallway to the library - only to find it closed! doh!
    I finally found an open computer in a spare office and I think I was able to snag one (((((fingers crossed))))))) I'm so excited...SO excited....they were popping up a lot through the past 2 days...they had ivory too..but so happy to be getting the grey color - it's TDF in my opinion....I really didn't need to spend more dough on MJ but the Grey was something I couldn't resisted since I was obsessed with it...Merry Xmas everyone!!:heart: