So who knows Vintage Gucci?

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  1. If the Gucci authenticator can't help with vintage, anyone else willing to help? or direct me to somewhere for some?
  2. ^ but it's NOT for authentication ;)

    I do try to help as much as I can with dates and names and other info. Authentication is a full time job, I already have a job and I just come on tpf to be with my friends, look at some beautiful things and have fun.
  3. Does anyone have experience with Christie's? Do they answer? And what would happen if the bag / item is a fake?
  4. Hi Papertiger,
    I posted these pictures on the 'Authenticate this Gucci' thread, but I guess because it's vintage I've not received a reply. I'd greatly appreciate if you could help with any info about the bag in regards to date or name or any info about. I'm so curious!! TIA
    IMG_6618[1].jpg 136.jpg 131.jpg
  5. some more pictures...
    119.jpg 117.jpg 135.jpg
  6. I don't see the date code anywhere in the bag.....
    128.jpg 124.jpg
  7. I need help with this one what year? ImageUploadedByTapatalk1396385704.178916.jpg