So who is excited about SJP's new line Bitten??

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  1. I just saw the Oprah show with Sarah Jessica Parker and I am SO excited about the new Bitten line! 400 items, including suits, coats, jackets, shoes, purses - all under $20!! Unfortunately the closest Steve and Barry's store is about 500 miles away from me, but I'm flying down to So Cal to visit my family the same weekend the line debuts so I'm going to be stockin' up on clothes!! YAY!!:yahoo:
  2. I was excited about it too when I watched the Oprah show yesterday. But since it is not accessible in where I lived, I guess the excitement just waned...
  3. I am. I wonder how the quality will be though.
  4. At least it looks more attainable and wearable than the Kate Moss crap
  5. can't wait to get ALL those shoes and the "freak bag". I am wondering what that bag is made of. I also loved that wool coat she had!!
  6. I am! I saw it on Oprah yesterday! The shirts looks sooo pretty! I love that grey one they showed yesterday! I can't wait. I just need to find a store that is near me!
  7. ^I missed part of the show. When is the debut of the clothing in stores?
  8. there's not even one around my area.hiks....:crybaby:
  9. Looks like June 7th...
  10. i've never heard of steve and barry's, do they sell online?
  11. I'm excited! We don't have a S&B in my town, but there is one about 2 hours from here in the town where my aunt lives. I can ask her to scout it out for me, and if it seems promising then I could do a day trip and meet her for lunch or something.
  12. they just opened a steve and barry's here a few months ago, i'll have to go check it out and report back when it debuts.
  13. Great article in this month's (June) Glamour featuring her on the cover and more on Bitten.

    I'm very curious about the quality! In the mag article, she's wearing a few pieces mixed with designer items and she looks amazing as always.
  14. I got a sneak preview, up close and personal of the line - not really thrilled about it. Many of the pieces, to me, seem to have that look of as soon as you wash, the color will fade quickly. But hey, for less than $20 what more can you ask for. I'll purchase a t-shirt or 2, but nothing more.
  15. I dont know where SJP got off saying that they picked out the greatest fabric because I know the quality of S&B's clothes and yes, you get what you pay for. I think that Bitten should be sold by Macy's instead. The clothes are cute though! I also can not believe she would back a store that sells slanderous t-shirts and ones that are liquor and drug related. (Sorry some of the slogans on the shirts in S&B's really put me out.) Just my .02