So Who is Buying What Before Wednesday?

  1. Just checking!
    I'm sitting out....I have 2 things on my immediate is through eBay and the other is my Stratus which has to wait until august (and hopefully won't be affected by the increase)!
  2. Nada~ Don't really need/want anything at the moment...Thank God! :tup:
  3. Eek, wondering the same thing, please help me out and see my thread where there's a poll about what I should do about this stupid Price Increase!!!!
  4. I WANT to, but my dad says no :sad:

    me very sad :sad: :sad: :sad:
  5. :wtf: Is the price increase next wednesday??
    How much of an increase?
    I may need to bump up my Vernis sunset purchase quicker than I thought?

    Thank you for the heads up :sad:
  6. Nothing at the moment, waiting for the new stuff to come in.
    Hope we are not getting the price rise here, LV is already so much dearer than most other places.:wtf:
  7. either roxbury drive or sunset blvd in amarante depends on their stock availability..if they have both in stock, I'll get sunset
  8. I would really like to buy a pomme french purse with 8CC, but there is no stock in US and I am stucked:rant:
  9. <------panicked and bought the epi montaigne clutch in ivoire......i may still do more damage before the 11th !!
  10. Nothing. Luckily dh got the last item off my want list which is something pomme, my Bedford. All that's left is the damier sophie which hasn't been released yet.
  11. I won't be buying anything, I just purchased two bags a couple of days ago that I have to break in, that should hold me over for about two months or so.
  12. Nothing! I just got my baggy gm. I was going to get another bag, but am not ready to buy just yet, so it will have to be after the darn increase.:crybaby:
  13. I'm holding out.. I just picked up a Denim Cles this past Sunday so I'm good for now..
  14. The first and second thing on my list if I cant find the First I will buy the Fourth.
  15. hopefully the damier azur speedy 30 but elux doesn't have that anymore and i dont know about the boutiques...