So who is buying the new Butterflies? Please post pics if you do!

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  1. My SA said they are officially available. I like pendant and love that it has diamonds but from the pics I saw the diamonds don't see to pop. Maybe in real life. I own two of the Christmas pendants and those diamond really stand out in person. For those of you who saw them in person, I would love your feedback. Closest boutique to me if two hours away so I tend to shop by phone. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm struggling if I should get the pendant as I already own the pink sapphire version...
  3. How do you like the pink sapphire? Do you wear it much? I really love pieces with diamonds and that is why I am thinking of this one but am not sure if I will enjoy the butterfly motif. If you have a chance, can you post a modeling pic of your pink sapphire? Thanks in advance. :smile:

  4. I love the pink sapphire one! I wear it at least twice a week. I just looked at the new MOP one and to be honest that one is a bit disappointing... It doesn't have that glamours yet subtle feeling the sapphire or diamond versions offer...

    I'm not a selfie person so please excuse me for this really tiny pic which couldn't reflect its true beauty.. I believe you can find much better modeling pics in other threads. Hth!

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting.
    I am still considering the MOP because I love the pendants with a "hint" of diamond. I own two of the Christmas pendants and love them. This would be a different look. Thanks again.
  6. Since u already have that, I would say to save up for other lignes. I find the ones with diamond or yellow / pink sapphires more impactful.
  7. Lovely pix! 😍😍
    By the way, how did u decide on the pink sapphire combination? Was it your skin tone or other factors.

    I'm in such a conundrum, deliberating between the different combinations. The green tsavorite is out as I can't wear green well.
  8. A photo of the ring taken while I was trying it. Hope this helps for anybody considering the ring.

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  9. The most important factor: I'm a pink person [emoji7]

    At the beginning I was struggling between the diamond one and pink sapphire. The diamond version is definitely gorgeous but I found the color stone versions resemble a real butterfly better. Despite the fact that I love pink, I also think that the pink version suits the image of butterfly the best - so princess-y and sweet. The yellow one is very elegant but it doesn't match with my outfits so well. Green is out too at the first place as I've no interests in getting any green jewelries - simply never a color in my top list. Hth!
  10. Here're more pics of me trying out different versions of the between the fingers ring. (Sorry for the ugly hand... My kitty bited me really badly during her nightmare...)

  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458665790.705376.jpg

    I am intrigued by the earrings in this ad. Might have to check them out. I have the Comos whittle mop, pink gold, diamond earrings and adore them.

    Has anyone tried them on?
  12. I tried cosmos mop, two butterflies in mop and that in yellow sapphire / diamond at the boutique.

    I find the two butterflies more impactful with the diamonds or sapphires vs the mop.

    Comparing cosmos mop and two butterflies mop earrings, I prefer the former as it has more presence.

    FYI I asked if possible to have pg pave for the two butterflies earrings on both sides. The SA said can special order, about euro 20,400.
  13. I must have missed out your post but came back to the thread to ogle at the beautiful pix of the rings!
    I can tell the pink sapphire suits u more :biggrin:

    Thanks for sharing your thought process in deciding which one to get.
  14. Pink Gold Pave on the US website. Price in France is €24 500 (inclusive of VAT)

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