So who here uses their Jumbo as an everyday bag?

  1. I just wanna make sure I won't look ridiculous carrying it everyday. Is it an easy bag for everyday or does it get to be a pain at all? I just tied the chains together with ribbon inside to make the length shorter and it looks good!!! :yes: Seems like with the short chain length, it would be easier to wear casually.
  2. I have a black caviar jumbo and for the first 6 months after I bought it, I was using it every day! I find the size to be really practical (not too big, not too small), and I think the fact that it's a Jumbo means it can be dressed up or down. I haven't ever shortened the chain length, but then I'm really tall so I've never thought the bag looked overly long on me.

    So I say GFI! (Go for it :tup:). What colour is yours StarBrite?
  3. Oh I got the black one with gold hardware! Caviar leather.
  4. I used mine as an everyday bag. It's perfect for that.
  5. I think it's a great everyday bag. I use it for work, shopping, whatever. It fits so much more than the medium that it's really practical.
  6. I use my black jumbo with SH every day. I took it to France for 2 weeks and wore it there too. It's gone through rain and it's still perfect looking. I was able to put in a wallet, credit card case, digital camera, some makeup, keys, brush, you name it, and it all fit and it's not too heavy. I wear it at night and during the day, sometimes with flipflops! I LOVE IT! It's the best.
  7. i definitely use my jumbo as an everyday bag! perfect size for all my daily essentials!
  8. I use mine well as for more casual times and out-to-dinner. I think the bag is chic and perfect for anything......
  9. I think I wear my Jumbo's more as an everyday bag while wearing juicy's & a T-shirt...I prefer smaller bags when I dress up or dine out!
  10. I have just started to use my jumbo flap this week. It is sure a practical daily bag!
  11. not necessarily a "jumbo", but i use my 227 as an every day bag (though not EVERY day. maybe 2 times a week for work and rotating in others). it's a great size.
  12. Ohhh that's good to hear!!! Yeah I think the bag looks so cute when dressed casual in a tee and jeans! I have even seen some people wear it with a cute sweatshirt and surprisingly, the look worked hehe.
  13. I use my black and white one as an every day bag. I have a red jumbo coming soon too and hope to use that the same way. I find them really easy to get in and out of. The cc clasp is so much easier to open/close than the reissue one. I can open and close it with one hand, which is important to me since I have an infant.
  14. Lucci - can I ask you where you found your red one?
  15. I just got my first jumbo-dark beige Caviar with silver. and I love it! I use it as an every day bag. I love that it goes with black and browns and blues. It fits everything I need.

    But I did notice when I took it shopping this weekend, after a few hours it felt heavy? Has anyone else experienced this?