So who has a Perfo Musette?

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  1. I know Rebecca has a Fushia --- anyone else?

    I'm falling hard for the GREEN one of all colors. I'm getting my Baggy in Fushia, and... well, I think green is a swell color.

    I'm falling so hard for this bag... but I guess I can afford to wait a bit since they're being "re-released" and all.

    Multicolor next, then Perfo... hm.
  2. green is more than swell emily, it's fab! get it!:drool: :love:
  3. I'm normally such a pink girl, but... green just looks so good on Musette.
  4. The Musette in green is amazing. My aunt in CA has it, pretty much delicious!
  5. perfo is being re-released???
  6. fine, pink and green look adorable together....:wlae:

  7. Yes I'd like to know as well! WHY would it be re-released?
  8. There are some posts about the re-release thinger in the Shopping subforum!
  10. Hmmm I think this is a misnomer. Elux probably gathered up some of the remaining ones and they're trying to unload them. The same thing happens with Mini Lin and Mat I think. So waiting would probably be a bad idea on this one :yes:
  11. I posted earlier that Saks found me a green perfo musette and they called today about it! I usually love pink too, but the perfo looks great in green!
  12. One more thing! I posted in the shopping forum about the" re-release" I was told about by the NYC boutique, San Fran boutique and someone at 866. The more I think about it this re-release probably is "leftovers". But I missed it the first time around.
  13. It's a gorgeous bag :yes:
  14. Does anyone have any pix of Emily's latest obsession? By the way, I like the color green!
  15. I think it's gold miroir Pap, then MC Noe, then Green Perfo Musette... in that order... atm. And need to throw a Koala in there somewhere.