so who can't wait to get a black metallic reissue?

  1. Saks in nyc has them in already and they are out for sale! i talked to joseph yesterday and he said he got 4 of the 226 and 4 of the 227 in. i went in today and got a 226... which is being shipped to nj tax free right now. i think they have one more 226 left and i'm not sure how many of the 227.

    so... get them now if you want them! no waitlists or anything!

    i promise i'll post a picture of the 226 when i receive it.

    ps. they also had a red caviar non-flap pochette like bag with a zippered top and cc logo on it on sale from $900ish to $650ish.
  2. are you sure it's the black metallic reissue w/ the mademoiselle chain? i really don't htink the bag ppl are seeing at the trunk show has been shipped yet.
  3. i don't know... i haven't been able to see it at the trunk shows so i really have no idea what it looks like. i asked specifically for that when i talked to joseph, and he said that they had come in already...

    i will put a picture up when i get it (hopefully by friday) and just return it if it's not the black reissue.
  4. As I had asked Joseph about metallic black reissue about 3 weeks ago and he sent me a picture of black classic flap with mademoiselle closure & new chain, that's why I didn't take it. Please post a pic here when the bag arrives! I also want to order a metallic black resissue... thanks a lot!
  5. ooh if it REALLY IS the metallic black reissue and not the reissue/classic flap hybrid, i absolutely cannot wait to see pics! :smile:
  6. i have a sneaking suspicion that this might be the one that i got! i specifically asked to be placed on a waiting list for the black metallic reissue and he told me that he had it already! i guess i was a little carried away in my excitement. however, i am very disappointed in him. i expect him to know what is what... especially as he seems to be the chanel specialist at Saks nyc. not sure if i will actually return it as i did like it. we shall see when it gets here.
  7. i'm also dying to see the pics!!! oh please please update us all with the pics!!!
  8. I am suspicious too.. I went to the HK Chanel boutique last night and made enquiry on the reissue, the SA showed me the soft carviar classic in MM lock in new chain...and said that was the new reissue... I asked again about the black metallic, the SA seems confused... by me i guess... anyway the bag I saw cost HKD22700, it is beautiful but I just don't feel for the new chain...
  9. I think many SA are confused with the term "reissue", they thought when a flap bag with mademoiselle closure and new chain = reissue?? anyway, i hope azaelea can really get the metallic black reissue so we can all see the ACTUAL bag soon! :wlae:
  10. i hope u get it too. can't wait to see pics.
  11. Do you know how much the new reissues will cost? It seems like the price has increased by a lot for Fall reissues! :crybaby:
  12. This is the classic flap & MM closure & new chain that Joseph refers as reissue:


    I didn't buy this bag, i just got the pic from Jo earlier.
  13. Don't think this is the metallic reissue...
  14. And this is not the new chain, it's the Classic chain with leather..... but still a lovely bag.
  15. Oh yes, it should be classic chain! I mixed up with the white classic flap & MM Closure i saw in other post! :p:p but the black leather of this pic should not be metallic black... :confused1: