So who can tell me anything about Nino Bossi?

  1. Hi all! Search here turned up nothing, google sent me to ebags and very few listed on eBay. I bought a couple at TJM ("sorry" to the self-proclaimed bag snobs) because I THINK I like them but I'm not sure yet. I'm not sure if I think the leather looks cheap because of the type or what. But they're growing on me....

    I keep finding obscure stuff....
  2. Don't know--saw some online at the Delfino Shop--they reminded me very much of Tanos. I wonder if Tanoexpert knows anything about the brand.
  3. I saw nino boss at marshalls. Nothing like tano to me anyway and I like tano a lot better. In person, nino boss was kinda ehhh Ok but to me not worth it. I haven't seen a ton of nino bosses though, only a couple. If you got a good deal on it, work it! :tup:
  4. The two companies have absolutely nothing to do with each other. From what I understand, Nino Bossi sells mostly to TJ Maxx and Marshalls, plus a few speciatly stores. They often copy Tano's styles.
  5. I just started to kinda wonder about that--thanks! I started looking at Tano after reading about them here and seeing some pics. That crunch leather they have is just what the Bossi's look like except the Bossi looks "simpler". The Tanos in the same type leather look to be a little more substantial and have more to them. I'm searching for Tanos now and will prob take the Bossi back.

    The more I look at Tanos vs. Bossi the more I feel like I wouldn't be happy with the Bossi. Unless I find it later for about $40! I paid $80 ea for a couple of them. I'd rather spend more on the Tano!
  6. I bought a few Nino Bossi bags in the past few years and I love the colors and leathers they use.. I see them in mostly cool btqs. and bag stores all over LA and when I travel to NY. I just got one from ebags in yellow, I love it!! :tup:
  7. Nino Bossi bags are made from tanned leather. These bags are a growing trend; a lot of knock-offs are trying to emulate the Nino Bossi's but they are made from inferior leather. Also if you want to differentiate between Nino Bossi and other hand bags just look inside. The Nino Bossi's will have a nice design on the interior (usually lavender flowers), this same design is inside the smaller pockets too. My favorite aspect of the Nino Bossi's is the zipper, usually I find I dislike the unaesthetic appeal of zippers on purses (anyone else get this? maybe I'm just weird!?), however they look very appealing on the Nino Bossi's because of their fantastic design.
    It matches the seams and looks so cute, see what I mean?

    I've had a Nino Bossi for quite sometime and must say its very durable.

    Note to shoppers : Don't buy from read the reviews. This place is bad, bad bad.

    I prefer buying from E-boutiques but they are sometimes a little more expensive and have a much smaller selection. I suggest window browsing google images for the bag you like and try to match it on a certified e-boutique.
  8. The reason why some people notice that the niño bossi bags look like tano is because the owners of each company are cousins. They used to work together until they had a falling out and one split off and made niño bossi. The bags are ok, I sell them at the boutique I work at. We sell three leather bag brands and its the last on my list of recommendations (with tano in first and latico in a close second). But if you're looking for cheaper leather bags nino is the way to go. I find that the leather cracks faster and their bags usually hold onto dirt. Go with a tano, it's full grain leather, as opposed to top grain. Happy shopping!
  9. I saw about 5 in TJ Maxx today after considering getting one, they've got pretty good, soft leather and good craftsmanship but the one thing I didn't like was the edges on the pockets on the outside was sealed with an edge coat of some sort and it just didn't look right... thought it cheapened the look..
    haven't owned one so don't know about durability... if you can get on one sale and the price is right AND you like the style.. it wouldn't be too bad.