So.. who ARE the honest sellers on ebay?

  1. Who do you all know to be honest sellers on eBay that I could purchase from?

    It's impossible to tell by looking at the picture sometimes. There are some really good fakes out there. I'd love to purchase one but want know Im buying the real deal.

    so who are the reputable ones? any help is appreciated!
  2. I hear tPF at one tried to create a list, but it was abused (i.e. dishonest sellers adding themselves to the list and/or disparaging the honest sellers who were their competition). If you want help with authenticity, I think the best thing you can do it to read the "authenticate this" thread on the subforum for the designer you are interested in and learn as much from the authenticators as possible. If you find a bag you are really interested, just post the eBay link and people will help you out.
  3. I think now with those "mirror image" bags out there, you would have to really devote yourself to the task of authentication. So, we have a bunch of fraudulent sellers on eBay and when we get a list of the honest ones, the theives crack that code too - how sad.
  4. i agree with suzyz. keep your eyes open, you will figure it out. we are not allowed to divulge our ebay ids around here, but you see who is who. esp in the ebay subforum!

    when in doubt on a piece, post it in auth this. someone will help you out, usuallly on the quick too!
  5. I have never sold anything on ebay. Everything I sell is through my website. I am considering it though.

    I have never had the first problem buying on ebay. Maybe I am just lucky.