So--who all has purchased a Cabas GM Denim Cruise bag or plans to?

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  1. I'm really wanting the large Cabas Raye Denim GM bag.

    I've gone to see it several times in the boutique and I really like it. But I swear I don't need to spend another 2k on a bag right now. :Push:

    The problem is that this bag is limited so I can't tell myself that I'll buy it in a few months b-cuz it will be gone. :shrugs: :sweatdrop:


    Who has already bought this bag or plan to? What do you think?
    How are you liking it/?
    How does it look once you pack it with stuff? Is it saggy?
    Also what are you wearing it with????

    Basically I want to hear all about it. I'm trying to either take the plunge now or talk myself out if it.
  2. i wonder the same.....

    i wanna get one too the charms on it is just TDF!!!

    i might go try carrying it after all :smile:
  3. I think you should get it!!! Just beg your DH. He'll come around. :P

    I remember seeing a woman trying the Cabas GM Raye out and going to look at herself in the mirror while her daughter stood at the counter watching her green Perforated Musette.
  4. If it pops up at Ebay someday with a good price then yes I will probably buy it.
  5. I like it cause it's really different from what else Louis Vuitton has been doing, and it can double up as a carryon!
  6. Does anyone have it yet??? Model pics please!! :yes:
  7. Go buy it and enjoy it, Cant wait to see pic's of you modeling it :yes:

  8. I think you should go buy it! It was on my wish list before, but like yourself can't spend 2K on a bag that I will be using primarily for school..hahaha...
  9. is MY HONEST opinion.I had the GM..I returned the GM..Its my VERY first LV return EVER..WHY?..Its freakin GINORMOUS.Its like WAY Bigger than my Mono Stephen.and that bag is BIG.I couldnt justify a carryon at that price tag that would NEVER get used.I ADORE that bag..I even regret returning it.BUT I KNOW that it wasnt meant to be
  10. WOW bigger than the Stephen??? I thought perhaps they were simliar in size. I also LOVE this bag Courtney!!! I will try it on a few weeks when Im in Chicago. If its bigger than the may not happen. I ADORE my Stephen but I think that is as big as I can go!!! Its so great looking though!!!!!!!
  11. I swear..The Cruise stuck out like 5-6 inches LONGER than my STEPHEN!!!!ITS THAT HUGE!
  12. It is bigger than my Stephen and not an everyday bag for me. I just use it to travel. I also bought the Cruise MM, so I could use that everyday. I kicked myself last year when I only bought the MM from the cruise line and not the GM, and then couldn't get it later. I wasn't making that mistake twice. A little pricey for a travel bag, but definitely a nice bag! If you'rslooking for an everyday bag, maybe consider the MM? No charms or handles on that, but exactly the same style. :yes:
  13. It is big but i would consider it to be like a tote bag. That's how i would carry it.

    I really wish that I could see someone model it with items in the bag and not empty. that's what I forgot to do when I saw it at the boutique

    LUXURYFAN--Could you model pics of what the bag looks like when something is inside of it?
  14. ^ There is an old thread of mine with pics modeling it....Seriuosly..Its too big for an everyday bag..and you KNOW I like BIG A*S bags!!LOL!

  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Are you trying to talk me out of this???? :supacool:
    I just don't want to regret it down the road and have to buy a cruddy used one. :sweatdrop: