so who actually owns an....

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  1. ....iphone messenger bag?
    a bayswater or daria?

    I know how in demand they have been, and now non-existant (and yes i shouldve bought the one left on mulberry last week!!!)
    but who has actually got one? curious I am...and really want to know how good they are, so if i do see one again, do i buy it!?!?

  2. This could be a short thread lol!
    They sold out so fast yet I do not think many gals at all managed to grab them on the PF - I wonder if it was Apple geeks lol, as they were also available online at Apple - I really really wanted the coral leopard one and just wasnt quick enough!
  3. They looked great I agree. I have seen someone on tpf who has talked about having one. I can't remember her name though sorry, so that's niot much help is it, lol...
  4. me too, coral leopard or a black daria x
  5. Is it corries & bluecat that have them? I'm so far behind the times, I only got my iPhone in December, I stood no chance of getting a case!
  6. I had two and returned them both. For me the bays was too fiddly - I couldn't open the postman's lock fast enough to answer the phone and the daria 's flap was well too flappy (there were a lot if comments about my flaps!).
  7. I remember your flaps vividly Bluecat! :lolots: I am pretty sure corries still has hers though?
  8. ^^ corries has the black Daria :biggrin:
  9. I have got the coral leopard one and I love it!
  10. :nuts:
  11. All right all right. Less of the talk about my flaps!
  12. Flaptastic!!!

    So who did manage to buy up all those cases then!! I think, even as fiddly as they were, I would still love one!
  13. I have the Black Daria as said. It is absolutely lovely. Im sure Charlie Farlie had the Cracked Silver which is really really smart.. It's the best made phone holder I have ever seen. As was the Coral Leopard. IMO that was the most striking. Beautifully constructed.
    Not so struck on the Ink Blue and White. But just personal taste.

    Saying that I never use the bl**dy thing. Once I think. I find it hard to hear my ring tone inside it sometimes. It's not really fitting into my lifestyle/bagstyle at the moment. However if I get a new phone I'd probably use it more for protection.

    For the record, my flaps are pristine thank you. As lush and pliable as ever , but with the necessary rigidity to keep everything secure.:nuts:
  14. ^^^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: