so which thong sandal? please help

  1. I love thong sandals - and saw these two - (got a thing for MK shoes, don't know why)

    anyway, the platform one would have a gold leather platform, not this style. I like it bec it is gold but I am not sure how long I would wear it?

    the brown one is nice but I am not sure whether it is not too 'ethnic-boho-hippie-ish'?

    or none?
    kors gavi brown.jpg kors platform.jpg
  2. Love, love, love the brown ones! I can't stand all these cork soles as they remind me of those nasty shoes women wore in the seventies
  3. Not a great lover of cork soles...the brown ones would have looked much better without the enclosed heel...(sorry..)
  4. The brown ones are GORGEOUS! i'm not a fan of the second one's at all
  5. thanks for your responses. actually the second ones would be without a cork sole - i forgot to say that. it would be all gold leather (hate hate hate cork soles.)

    hm, the reason I like the brown ones is the HEEL (haha, different tastes..) they have more of a shoe. have so many ones with the open heel. i guess the brown would be less bulky. I reckon my hubby would prefer these by a far stretch. ah decisions...
  6. don't write off the other pair cos they are gold. I fins the most versatile & wearable shoes I have are metallics. they go with most outfits & are a real handy shoe-store cupboard standby
  7. I love the back heel part of the brown ones too