So which should I get first...

  1. A Chloe Silverado satchell or a Balenciaga bag (Purse or Twiggy...still deciding)?

    I need some direction!!!:lol:

    Of the two brands, what would you buy first and why?
  2. balenciaga. it just looks so yummy! even if the leather isn't as squishy, i don't think balenciaga would make their bags in a cheap leather so i think it would hold up. the silverado just doesn't call out to know?
  3. Silverado, I saw too many Balenciaga bags flowing around ( real or fake) Silverado on the other hand....maybe just me haven't seen any yet haha
  4. Oh my this is quite a dilemma!!!!

    I would buy the Balenciaga first and then immediatley go and buy the Silverado!
  5. I would buy the balenciaga first too.... but i would buy the silverado later some day
  6. Probably the b-bag.. I've never really liked the silverado very much, except for the little one that Jessica Simpson was carrying (did anyone figure out if that was a mini silverado ?).
  7. I looked at the Balenciaga today and frankly didn't like the new leather. and I love the B bags. but it looked almost messy. I opted for a Chloe. I'm going to wait for another shipment of Balenciaga's. and see what next season brings.
  8. That's how I'm thinking right about now...I was obsessing over the Balenciaga, but when I saw the latest leather, I really wasn't too pleased. I think I'll start with a Chloe and check out the Balenciagas a little later. Hopefully, they'll start using the earlier leather.
  9. silverado!
  10. I don't get the Balenciaga... The Silverado in metallic pewter is really nice. I like it better than the matte tan colors...
  11. I'll go with the silverado first and then the B-bags later since B-bags seem to be more readily available.
  12. I would go for the silverado first. I have both and got the B-bag first but it is still in the box and I think the silverado is going to get the most use right now.
    purse 007.jpg
  13. Bagpuss, what color is that bag? Is that the terracotta/cognac? The leather looks much better than the tan or the black.
  14. It's the Cognac- you must have missed that I posted pictures for you under the Silverado Colors thread. I think the Terracotta is a separate color with more red in it. The leather is scrumptious!:P
  15. balenciaga!