so which color~

  1. ok, i decided to go for another work~ but what color should i pick? i have several black so i'm not gonna go for a black this time. Ink, cornflower, gray and lilac are what's on my mind (sounds so greedy~) which one should i go for?:confused1: opinions? :shrugs: thanx~
  2. I really love Blue BBags, so I say Cornflower...I like Ink but too close to Black.
  3. I think gray is very pretty, I also l:heart: ve Ink. I really want one in the city. I bought the work in ink but it's just not practical for me as an everyday bag (need my hands free).
    One or the other are great!
  4. 1- ink or cornflower (i love colors equaly ) :love:
    2- lavender
    3- grey
  5. Ink or cornflower :love: !!!!!
  6. ink or lilac!
  7. i would say either gray or lilac
  8. I also agree with Gray or Lilac.
  9. Are you talking about lilac '06? If so, where can you find them?
  10. Grey!
  11. Lilac or ink
  12. Ink, it's beautiful, or lilac but the leather on the recent lilacs that I have seen is thin and veiny. So it's hard to say. I love the lilac, just can't find one that has leather I like. But Apple conditioner can work wonders.:yes:
  13. I love the lilac!
  14. I would have said ink but it's so close to black so you would already have a lot of dark colored bbags. I think you should go for a very different color, like lilac or cornflower.
  15. cornflower or ink.... :drool:

    OR what about a ROUGE VIF???? hehehe!