So which came first? the Neverfull or the New Britt?

  1. Look at what I found on It's a bag that reminds me of Vuitton's Neverfull. So who was first? But do we really care? The Neverfull looks much better for me.
    gucci_newbritt01.jpg gucci_newbritt02.jpg vuitton_neverfull.jpg
  2. Think it was the britt..
  3. I also think it was the Britt first.
  4. I definitly prefer the Neverfull! It's on my wishlist!
  5. the "tote" is such a standard style that every brand's got their own version. you're better-off comparing the Gucci New Britt to the Goyard St Louis. they're far more similar to each other :yes:
  6. I think the Britt came first, cos i saw it at the Gucci store way before the Neverfull was released. i liked the Britt,but the handles worry me. same issue with Neverfull.
  7. That is the reason I didn't buy either one.
  8. actually, the handles on the neverfull have been tested to hold up to 200lbs of weight...they are super reinforced with stitching :yes:
  9. gucci was out way before.
  10. I prefer the Britt because I have too much mono canvas and I love the gold GG's they would go so nicely with my gucci is my second love after LV of course
  11. Yes, the Britt. I'm fairly certain it was part of Gucci's cruise collection. I rather like the Britt, actually. But I do agree with a previous poster that it's a standard, classic beach tote style.
  12. the gucci. but this style is a common style. bah i like the britt better though. i don't like the straps hanging out the side on the neverfull.
  13. Britt came first! I agree, I like the Britt better as it does not have the straps hanging down the sides..
  14. britt came first.. sure!!
  15. britt.