So, Where & How Did You Meet Him ?

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  1. My girlfriend wanted to get back together with her ex. One evening she knew where he would be so we went to the same club. There was a group of friends we knew there and in that group was my husband. We didn't speak a word except hi which was ok with me because at that time I had my eyes on someone else. Later on that night he received my number from a friend. That must have been karma we were engaged a month later.

    My girlfriend also ended up back with her ex that evening and was married 2 years later.

    During that time I was working with my brother in law. We were good friends and he was always the life of the party. My husband introduced him to my sister who I told to stay away from that bad boy. He was a hard worker but because he loved to party would sleep or rest in the warehouse at work lol. They were engaged 3 months later and married within the year.

    Amazing how people come into our lives.
  2. Sunshine, sorry about your father. I love Key West. We went there on vacation last year for the first time and I'd definitely like to go back sometime.

    I met my husband when he was a bartender at a little place I used to go to. A friend of mine from school also worked there, so he kind of hooked us up. We got engaged three months later and married three months after that. Been married 18 years this month!
  3. i met jared back in 2000 when i moved to auckland to study at uni... i was dating one of his friends at the time, but then we broke up. on jareds 20th b-day we all went out... we still debate who made the first move but it makes us smile and remember how far we've come together :love: for jareds 20th we all went the strip club (god only knows why i went... young and crazy i was:weird: ) and jared and started holding hands... :shame: it was very cute but i never thought there would be anything from it.... but of course he called the next day to ask me out.... and we're still together :nuts: hehehe!
  4. His office was across the street from the restaurant where I worked. He would come in for lunch 3/4 times a week. The rest is history as I have found my soulmate!
  5. At work :smile: and 5 yrs later things are great.
  6. Met my DH at the Toronto Zoo. I was still in the music business at an industry convention. He was the drummer in one of the bands. We have been inseperable ever since.
    That was 15 years ago.:love:
  7. [sigh] I love all these stories!

    PS. I think someone posted a similar thread, I'm going to try and find my story.

    [edit] Here we go -

    Heres the similar thread -
  8. I thought this was deja vu!
    (I think I answered this one too already!)
  9. at a friend's house for a "Fellowship of the Ring" dvd release party :love: (we are dorks) I thought he was so beautiful, I'm sure he didn't notice me, though. He started coming to my church once in awhile. Several months later (I was working in a mall) I saw him walk by the entrance to my store, he stopped to talk and we ended up having dinner that night. We didn't really become friends until the next year when we were both at the same college, then we started hanging out and lo and behold, at 19 I finally got to date the guy that I had secretly been crushing on (and off, but that's another story) for two years.
    anyway, we've been together over a year. it hasn't always been perfect, but I feel like the luckiest girl ever to know that he loves me :love:
    love conquers all. and I really believe that whatever happens (or doesn't happen), he will always be my friend.
  10. lol Yeah I think I remembered your story about the Zoo too! Thats awesome. [sigh] I'm all for romantic stories. Keep 'em comin' ladies! I've watched The Notebook too many times, I need some new stories to daydream about, lol.
  11. My Friends & I We're @ A Club.....I Looked Across The Room & Saw A Really, Really Cute Guy (Too Far For Any Eye Contact). I Turned Away. Within A Few Minutes He Was Standing Next To Me, Introducing Himself.........He Was The Sweetest Person In The World & Soooo Handsome!!! .....On May 13th, That Will Be 11 1/2 Years Ago! BTW ~ May 13th We Will Be Married Six Years.
  12. Took a break from the Dallas heat and came to play in Vancouver.

    I was doing some consulting for a firm here and went on a dinner date with a guy. Turns out 10 days from our first date we got married in Vegas and 9 months later had our son and shortly after that had our dd. :love:

  13. Congratulations !!! :love:
  14. This is great Ladies, ahhhhh so romantic :love:
  15. He was the office manager at a company I used to work for-he hired me actually.