so whens the bayswater with the bow being released?

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  1. i think its the ruby bayswater? (correct me if im wrong)
    just seen a pic of pixie lott with hers and thought i love that bag, when can we buy it? any one know! also who likes it?
  2. I love it BMB, saw it IRL at the Glasgow show in a pinky colour. Exquisite.
    As I said on another thread though, I'm too decrepit for the Bow thing now! I'd be on a waiting list if I was a bit younger.
  3. I dare say it won't deter a few other more "mature" ladies corries......;)
  4. i think its cute, i dont think the bows a age thing, i think its a classy fun looking bag!
  5. Im that too old...?
  6. never!!
  7. It's definitely personal I think MF. I don't have the chutzpah to carry it off. I wouldn't for a minute speak for my fellow Calendar Girls!
  8. I would love one....Need to do abit of research...!
  9. so anyone know when its going to be released?