So when you aren't carrying Balenciaga....

  1. Yesterday was a pool day at a friends house.
    I packed up a day bag and then thought...." NO WAY! What if it gets wet???"
    And LAST week I went to the Children's Festival and the performer squirted water into the crowd, we were in the first row and when my City got wet, I didn't want to look like some crazy you-know-what, checking her I sat there through gritted teeth until my husband laughed at me.

    So now I'm left thinking, I can't get rid of my kids and I have to carry their megaton of stuff constantly...and places like the park, or a pool day? I JUST don't want to risk bringing one for something like that.
    I mean, my kids climb all over me wet, the LAST thing I want to think about while I'm playing with them is ..." MY BAG!!!!"

    So what TOTES or large bags do any of you have for suggestions???
    I was looking at LV large bucket and large noe bags, but I'm not the biggest fan of mono past the size of a wallet, or Epi leathers.....

    Maybe a Marc Jacobs tote?

    So any suggestions would be welcome!!

  2. I have a Petit Bateau and Gap fabric tote that I take with me to outdoor events so they can get grungy!
  3. I have a MJ Stella and I think that can take a beating. You can try LV Damier too. I think that pattern is pretty chic.
  4. i like marni totes for spring and summer... i dont like LV at all, so thats never an option for me! also- i saw some cute marc jacobs treated canvas totes at NM and my Barneys outlet that were super cute!
  5. Do you like Prada? Some of those big Prada nylon totes are indestructible. I also have a big vintage graphic black and white Hogan bag I got on ebay that is part black stretchy (very sturdy) material with white leather accents that looks great and is worry free. I use it as a gym bag sometimes and it looks really different and unique. I really like some Hogan bags.
  6. I used to have a Prada pbbled leather tote and it was really heavy. I much prefer the Work!
  7. This won't help, but I have an older Tod's tote, pretty good sized, it is canvas and leather and has been carried everywhere. I almost sold it a few months ago..but did not cause it is a perfect bag for the scenario you just described.
  8. :graucho: I have a huge mesh tote from Wal-mart, $5.99 baby. Works great for the the ocassions you mentioned.:P
  9. Le Sportsac has some cute totes like the tokidoki line.
  10. herve chapelier makes great totes for days when you think they might get wet. they zip all the way across the top and are waterproof. plus they're only like $100 apiece, and still very chic.
  11. Oh and i've always liked those big gerard darel totes..they are leather but only around 200 which makes it better...especially if you applegard it
  12. Marc by marc jacobs makes quirky & fun totes! They are usually leather with cotton, so they are washable, which is a plus!
  13. Same thing happened to me. It's been raining these past few days so i carry with me my jacket, just in case. Went to the mall and had to walk outdoors. took out my jacket from my bag, put my city under my arm and wore my jacket. DH gave me a funny look and laughed at me.

    Now, i just carry prade nylon backpack. Used to carry it around rain or shine.
  14. If I can foresee;) a "rough" day ahead with my kids, I will bring one of these bags... LV epi Gemeaux (ziptop closure), Damier Parioli (magnetic-top closure), Damier petit noe.:heart: Rain (read:water) or shine, bring it on:biggrin::lol:
    pic6 171w.jpg Pic7 454w.jpg