So when will Spring/Summer 08 CL's be out?

  1. I'm dying to see what's in for spring/summer 08. I checked the CL website and they still ahve Autumn/winter 07....

    Any ideas?
  2. I looked through the book the other day, I think most merchandise should be coming into the boutiques shortly. I did see some crazy 140 and 160mm heels. Although I think that the website takes very long to be updated. You can always contact the boutique and the SAs will send you photos of new arrivals.
    I feel that Saks has a pretty good selection of the new shoes already.
  3. Yeah i checked Saks website... I want to see more!

    Unfortunately here in London they dont send photos :sad: and I am guessing it will be Feb. until the new stock is out.. coz the sale is on for a month from today
  4. :wtf: 160mm..?

    I can't do those. I'll break my neck!
  5. I'd love to see new models as well. In the meantime I'll go check Saks website, even though I cannot order from there (taxes and dutys would add up wayyyy too much) :push:
  6. There are a few new styles on the Saks website. Anyone seen the canvas pumps with the little golds rosettes? Kinda neet, what do you think??
  7. ^ Not for me :s
  8. Yeah the more I look I think they are kinda old lady. Did you see the dark cork ones with the double platforms?? I do like those. When do you go on your island get a way??? And how do the boots fit??
  9. Ithink they are called carteinta cork sandals.
  10. You're talking about the Catenita Platform sandal. I like it better without the lower platform..but it's still hot.

    I'm leaving technically on the 1st, but my flight is super early in the morning so I tell people i'm leaving on the 31st :yes:

    The boots fit like a glove. They are so snug and comfy.
  11. I am so glad they fit and you love them. What was your other pair? I thought you said there were two CL's under the tree. I can't believe you said that about the platform! I love the shoe and the color of the cork but I thought the same thing! I thought maybe I just was not as with it. I feel beeter to hear you say it too. What is with the double platforms this year?? I have seen it several times. BG has the simple sling back in beige camel, very pretty. I might get it. Great color.
    So you have that bug party and then flying out the next morning?? You will be sleeping on the plane for sure!:yes:
  12. Thanks :flowers: I posted in the other thread about the second pair. I got the camel Materna Zeppa wedges. I love them, so comfy and cute. I don't LOVE camel. It is a nice color, but I love nude more. It looks good on my skin color ;) I was thinking about exchanging them for some other shoe but I think I will keep them. Yes I know, so many double platforms this year! I do like the new simple pumps with the second platform..looks really chic.
    I will definitely need to hit Starbucks before the flight..there is no way I'll be able to drag myself off of it!! I'll be so dead and I hate waking up in the middle of a good nap. Hehe.
  13. The simples have the hidden paltform though, some of these others are visable. I love my wedges!! Enjoy!:tup:
  14. I know what you mean..sometimes the visible ones are just so weird looking. :biggrin:
  15. Yeah but the color of that cork is so awesom. I could wear it with tons. Just have to get past that platform thing, They might look great on. I am thinking:girlsigh: