So when the new bags are released on Monday..

  1. What are you getting??????

    I'm torn on the Speedy style..denim or the other??? :confused1:
  2. ...jealous of all you ladies who get new purses upon release, hehehehehe. I'm an outlet gal myself since DH has put a strict ban on any more full-price Coach (or Michael Kors, or MJ, etc.)
  3. I'm holding out till PCE....But there doesn't seem to be anything yet that I just have to have.
  4. i think im gonna get either the denim satchel or one of the larger denim totes..I'm thinking the satchel is too small
  5. Whatever I get is going to be in July for my bday and up to hubby's prerrogative. :shrugs:
  6. What are they calling the new collection? Is it just the new Signature Stripe? The SA knew nothing about them, which was odd because she sold me a new scarf print bag.
  7. I think the denim satchel looks cute but I only just got a large denim Carly less than a month ago. I must prove to myself that I am capable of some restraint. Did that sound convincing? :wondering:shrugs::hrmm::angel:
  8. I think I might hold out for some of the fall stuff. It sounds like there going to have some incredible new things.
  9. I really like the largest new scarf print tote, but will have to wait until PCE to get anything I think. I also want the ocelot print oblong scarf and a large turquoise Ergo hobo (I know it isn't new but included it anyway!)
  10. I plan on getting either the denim satchel or the brown one. I really can't decide. I am going to wait until PCE before purchasing because if I get the denim satchel I would also like to get the matching accordian wallet.
  11. I'm holding back for a while.
    I just got my Carly on Monday, so my next purchase will most likely be a wallet!
  12. I'm loving the new denim but I don't know which to choose so I may not choose at all. What I DO know is that I'm getting the multicolor daisy charm and Legacy ponytail scarf in June :graucho:
  13. I think Ive gone a little overboard the past couple of months. Think I'll wait for the new fall items.
  14. Nothing I have to have. I really like the scarf print, but, don't like the style of the bags.*shrugs* I'll prolly just get the keychains/charms everyone keeps talking about...the fruit ones :smile: Plus I'm a sucker for anything cherry!!!
  15. Are there any catalogs out there? Oh boy! I have been gone for a couple of weeks and now I am afraid that I may missed something. Gotta go to the Millenia Mall tomorrow. Will bring updates!