So When is Eid????

  1. There saying its either on Firday or Saturday? Anyone have any info.. Muslims on here know that every year we have the same issue, trying to figure out when EID comes lol... For those of you that dont know about the holiday, I'll expalin.. Eid, is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting. But determining the day its on depends on the sighting of the moon, the sighting can only be possible just after sunset. Most Muslims check with local mosques or other members of the community to see if the moon has been sighted by authoritative parties.:flowers:
  2. I have nooooo idea... God's willing i'll be this friday.. I'm excited... Eid Mubarak!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prince Abdullah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inshallah in a couple years you'll be spending time in the Middle east on eid.. ;)
  3. We wont know till tonight after sunset :smile:

  4. Same problem here every year too.. I'm in Indonesia btw. I know one family member who's going to celebrate Eid tomorrow. Me and my parents are going to go with the govt and celebrate on Saturday.
  5. Friday Is The First Day Of Eid FOR US!! Happy Eid Everyone!! :smile:
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  7. I pray everyone had a GREATTTTTTT eid... I had a wonderful EID... Alhamduliilah! Thank YOU GOD!