So when do we.....

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  1. have to put our names on waiting lists for the new bags? I adore the LVOE tote which I assume they will be producing because Scarlett is holding it in the ad. I don't really want to miss out on this one so any ideas??
  2. ASAP..but I can inform you as of yesterday they have no info on them at all at LV here:yes:
  3. I would call your SA and inform him/her you want to be on the list for the tote as soon as the list opens up.
    Just speculation....but I am guessing the lists might not officially open until they get the look book in January.
  4. LOL So I just ring them and put my name down for a bag they have no idea about?? That's funny!
  5. I asked the manager of our store here and she knew about the new vernis colour and showed me photos of it but had no idea about the LVOE tote:nuts:
  6. Your SA should know the bag you're talking about.....and just tell them you want to be pout on the waitlist when it opens. At the very least....tell him/her to call you when the Spring '07 list opens.
    They really are clueless right now because they don't know what is going to be released from the runway!
    For SA is hearing rumors that the awful plaid shopping bag may be changed for production....and that there may be variations of the LVoe totes.
  7. can i see a pic of this new bag
  8. I think I will call and ask that they call me as soon as they know anything. I'd love to know more about different colours of it and sizes. I'm sure I will hear about it here first though. Love this forum!
  9. I really want an Epi bag in white, when do you think the waitlist will open for this one ?
  10. If you are in Brisbane don't hold your breath waiting for them to call:nuts: They didn't even know the miroir range was limited:Push:
  11. Hey socialite: I would do the same as and tell them to call you with info! I'm sure there will probably be a lot of them floating around for a while. The Epis aren't usually super limited!
  12. Even if the bag is not confirmed yet OR if boutiques dont have an official pricing/list of the bags, u can still call and put ur name down.. i used to do that once the bags are listed in spring/summer 07 magazine, i would scan the photo of the bags i want and email it to my SA in harrods, london!

    unfortunately she left london and went to Paris now.. but this is how u get on the top of the list!
  13. I'm hoping to wait for the look book...mostly because of prices and to see what changes were made to the bags!
  14. thanks ! :nuts: :smile: