So when do we find out about Spring 2007??

  1. I know this is jumping the gun a bit:sneaky: , but I'm curious...when does LV usually release official information about their Spring bags? I feel like we've known about the Groom/Azure/Mirror lines for quite awhile, so when do we get info on new stuff? How much time usually lapses between the runway show and official news? They have releases already scheduled thru shouldn't they be planning stuff for Jan/Feb? :confused1: :confused1: I guess I just REALLY want to know when things are coming out and if there will be any "surprises"!:nuts: (hopefully there will be...since the runway show was less than impressive).
    Does anybody know anything:shame: ?!
  2. I have no clue but I am curious as well!

    Alittle off topic, but I live in Mesa! My grandparents live in Tempe.

    Great city--I just graduated from ASU. Go Sundevils!! :smile:
  3. well Spring runway bags usually come out between March and April. preview photos or next season's "look book" would be available around January if im not mistaken. im getting a bit impatient for next year's men's bags! me want.... me want.... me want.... me need :drool:
  4. :hysteric: :roflmfao:
  5. Was talking to my SA about this and she said that the look book should be out Jan...and in fact, the boutique's doing some of their ordering already!?!
  6. They're doing ordering already?! :wtf: That seems insane!! So it sounds like some LV stores might have an idea about the bags already...hmmm....I guess I'll have to be a little pushy when I go in next week (and see if I can get the SAs to divulge anything)
  7. Just ask to see the look book, that is the easiest way, they add to that all the time. Easy to start chatting that way too. Give us the report back, too ;)
  8. Oh I definitely will....
  9. I think there was a posting by someone in the forum that had the names of the bags through someone else. I think it's the lovely Sophia that may yield the answers to your curiosity :smile: