So what's your TV lineup look like?

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  1. What shows do you watch on what days?? My list is short since most of my shows are not on season yet. Looking for something to occupy my mind! LOL

    Sundays: Drop Dead Diva, True Blood, Hung (love it!)
    Wednesdays: Ghost Hunters (Steve and Tango... nuff said) or GHI, whichever happens to be on

    Off season/Ended... NCIS (I get twitchy if I'm missing the episode), CSI, The Hills (same with the twitchiness), The City, Harper's Island

    Ones I like to catch during the week when they repeat: Real World, Daisy of Love, NYC Prep, all the other Bravo reality shows...

    And HGtv is constantly on my TV as well. :biggrin:

    Oh, and of course, one can NEVER watch too much Sex and the City. :nuts:
  2. Monday: Secret Life of the American Teenager (tivoed, watch later) and Gossip Girl
    Tuesday: The Office reruns on TBS
    Thursday: Ugly Betty, The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock
    Friday: Psych, The Soup
    Saturday: SNL
    Every weekday: Friends reruns on TBS and some other channel
  3. i dont watch tv, i watch dvr, so i have no idea when most shows are on...but on my dvr list is (and some arent currently running)
    true blood
    big love
    curb your enthusiasm
    secret diary of a call girl
    nurse jackie
    ugly betty
    family guy
    american dad
    south park
    the office
    ghost whisperer
    ...and random reality shows that catch my attention...

    lol it looks like i watch a lot of tv but it really boils down to about a half hour a day
  4. Everyday:
    Golden Girls
    Family Guy

    Whatever day it comes on:
    NYC Prep
    Real Housewives
  5. Oh gosh, mine's going to sound so superficial...:smile: Most of it's on DVR and watched whenever, but here are the shows I'm addicted to, seasonally of course:

    Sunday: Entourage
    Monday: Bachelorette, Gossip Girl, Prison Break (rest in peace:crybaby:)
    Tuesday: SYTYCD/Idol, NYC Prep
    Wednesday: SYTYCD/Idol, Top Chef, Lost (the lone intellectual fare)
    Thursday: Fashion Show, Make Me A Supermodel, Hell's Kitchen

    And I completely intend to watch Glee in the fall, whatever night it's on! And Project Runway, even though I don't even know if I can find Lifetime on the cable guide...
  6. weeds
    top chef masters
    next food network star
    food network challenges
    nyc prep
    all the real housewife shows
    what not to wear
    jimmy fallon
    conan obrien
  7. My usual faves.. True Blood, LOST, Ugly Betty, Idol, The Amazing Race, Friday Night Lights and Desperate Housewives.....I cannot wait for Glee, and The Vampire Diaries! :biggrin:
  8. Monday: The bachelorette
    Wed: Dragon's Den (canadian show), I survived a Japanese game show
    Thursdays: Criminal Minds
    Fridays: Cityline Fashion fridays

    Weekdays: Desperate housewives, Sex and the city, random sitcoms here and there, mostly Everybody loves Raymond, king of queens, George Lopez, Hope & Faith, Reba, Real housewives... , Food network, Look-a-like, What Not to Wear, Style her Famous, Steven and Chris, Oprah and Tyra Banks show (depending on the topics)

    Saturday: Millionaire Matchmaker, Mad Men
    Sunday: Everybody hates Chris

    Food network, multicultural movies/shows, anything that catches my eye ..
  9. Mondays: Gossip Girl
    Tuesdays: NCIS, NCIS LA
    Wednesdays: Glee (When it returns to us...)
    Thursdays: The Office and Community

  10. Desperate Housewives, Drop Dead Diva, The secret life of American teenager, 10 things that I hate about you, Gossip Girl, 90210, Ugly Betty, Vampire Diaries, Project Runway, ANTM, Cake Boss, SNL, Tyra Show and all kinds of awards shows. I love awards shows!
  11. Gossip Girl
    One Tree Hill
    Life UnExpected
    Accidentally on Purpose
    The Secret Life of the American Teenager
    Make It or Break It
    Cougar Town
    The Middle
    Modern Family
    > these shows I watch from my computer (same speed than in US)

    And from TV:
    Monday: Desperate Housewives, ANTM, Two and a Half Men, Ugly Betty
    Tuesday: Private Practice
    Wednesday: Grey's Anatomy
    Thursday: Project Runway
    Saturday: King of Queens, Survivor
    Sunday: According to Jim, Samatha, Greek, Amazing Race

    + some random Finnish TV shows

    Every weekday: Ellen DeGeneres Show, Frasier reruns
  12. Monday to Friday - Conan and Fallon and either Letterman or Leno and saturday SNL
  13. desperate housewives
    Law and Order: SVU (reruns)
    Grey's Anatomy
    Private Practice (sometimes)
  14. it's hard to remember since a lot of shows aren't back on yet. but here goes....

    desperate housewives, brothers and sisters, and this season of amazing race
    Monday: one tree hill, gossip girl, intervention, hoarders, heroes
    biggest loser, Lost (soon!!!)
    ugly betty, ghost hunters, nip-tuck
    survivor (when it's on), csi-vegas, grey's anatomy, project runway, models of the runway, want to record the office but already recording 2 shows.
    60 min mystery (i think that's what it's called)
  15. Monday: The Bachelor: On the wings of love, 18 to life (canadian show)
    Wednesday: Drop Dead Diva (season 1.)
    Saturday: Real housewives of Atlanta and OC
    Sunday: Desperate housewives, Masterpiece theater (PBS)

    Other shows like Iron chef american, project runway and shows on slice. Glee and monk when I get the chance off the net to catchup.

    Stopped watching hoarders because there was no point anymore..