So, whats your next RM?

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  1. As soon as one comes in we start lusting for another one.
    The next ones I am stalking and want are in this order:

    MAM in Black
    MAM in Dusty and Silver Spot
    Rose body Clutch in Violet
    MAM in Tangerine
    MAM in Eggplant
    MAM in Yellow

    So whats yours?
  2. definitely a Nikki! hoping to score one at the sample sale (may?) or even the owl lab trunk show next weekend. that's exactly where i'm spending my tax rebate check :smile:
  3. The morning after mini in black basketweave
  4. Emerald MAB, Cheri satchel, MAB luxe and a Mini or regular sized Nikki.
  5. Def a Nikki
    Tangerine MAM
    And maybe a Steady
  6. Floral Stamp MAB
    A Nikki
  7. MAB in night blue and persimmon, nikki in seagreen!
  8. Realistically? I have a massive wishlist, but what I am actively acquiring in the next little while will be:

    -Black Elisha
    -Black MAM


  10. Nikki or Mini Nikki in Navy Luxe (I think that's the name for the colour?)
  11. oops forgot the red/red patent basketweave MAB! so those are my next THREE!

    oops and then the Fuschia MAM! those are my next FOUR! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  12. Emerald Nikki.
  13. Either dusty/silverspot MAM or a Nikki, don't know what color yet. But I'll be trying to hold out until the sample sale(s).
  14. Too many! Emerald and Red/Red patent basketweave MAM.. Also hoping to score a Tangerine, Fuchsia, Stone and/or Yellow w/silverspot MAM during the sample sale!
  15. Nikki- Not sure what color/ any color!
    Matinee- Wine or Glazed Almnd
    Steady- Dusty/ Tangerine
    MAM- Tangy