So what's your favourite wallet? :) I want a nice new one!

  1. please post pics if you have them too :smile:
  2. An old old epi wallet. It can hold a lot of receipts, paper money, coins.. you name it- it can hold!:yes:
  3. Heres the picture of my epi wallet, not so nice to look at but very functional and sturdy:smile:

  4. I got this great tan tod's pebbled leather wallet on bluefly about a month ago. They have great deals right now on lovely wallets (gucci, prada, tods, ysl, et al)

    tod's wallet
  5. One of my favorites is a beautiful wallet made by Bosca. They have wonderful leather things and they make them in the US. Here's the website:
    Bosca - Life. Luxury. Leather. - Official Bosca Site I bought the seychelles wallet and I love the leather, quality, and construction.
  6. Here's mine.
    clutch wallet.jpg
  7. Another vote for the Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch!!
  8. I looooove my wallet. It's a Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Flap Clutch. It's the perfect size and the leather is SOOOOOO soft. It's my most favorite wallet I've ever had!
  9. I don't have pics but here is a pic from eluxury:

    Epi Zippy Wallet

    I like the compartments of this wallet. They also make it in the monogram. :smile:
  10. Mine is this Epi purse which goes brilliantly with my Epi Passy that has become my main bag for everyday use, is practical, doesn't show signs of wear easily and I just :heart:
    Epi purse.jpg