So, what's your bad habit?

  1. Do you drink? Smoke? Eat chocolates late at night when noone is looking? Shoot up,?:roflmfao:

    Come on-everybody has something-what do you do?
  2. Mine is smoking!!! Am going to quit anytime....just not today!!!
  3. I say the F word a lot. Kyliereese will attest to that :shame: I don't even realize that I say it sometimes. Definitely a bad, bad habit :shame:
  4. leaving for anything (appointment/work/meeting/lunch/etc) with only 15 minutes until the scheduled time slot, even if where i'm going is farther than 15 min away.. . i'm ALWAYS late. my work has learned to tolerate it cuz i do good work.. lol. if it's farther than 15 min away, i call and say i'm stuck in traffic.

    lol. asian time sux.
  5. Staying Up Too Late On PF!!!!
  6. ^^ ditto bagluv!

    Horrible sleeping schedule and I snack late at night.
  7. Biting my nails :Push:
  8. Mine is close to that....biting my CUTICLE, :yucky: I can't stop doing it! Especially, when I'm thinking or concentrating....I don't even realize I'm doing it too!
  9. Ouch! Doesn't that hurt?!

    Mine is definitely not going to bed when I should.
  10. :shame: me too... hehehe, since we got a new Net connection at home everything has just been better!!! At least i'm not on the PF so much at work now! :lol:
  11. smoking, swearing, gambling, drinking coke....I'm just a sucker for bad habits.
  12. Putting off work that needs to be done right away and snacking late at night.
  13. i smoke way to much
  14. Smoking:shame:.
  15. eating too much chocolates, biting my cuticles and smoking....i'm addicted!!!:shame::yucky:
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