So what's your Ali wearing?

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  1. I just got my new whiskey Ali!:yahoo:I'm trying to decide how to dress her..what do you have on yours???
  2. I have a white ali and she usually wears the multi color signature flower charm, the pear sandal key fob or the monkey key fob! I like how they look on the white! I think something bright would be great on the whiskey!
  3. Mine is Naked!!! I tried tying a scarf on her once but she didn't like it. She's a real risk taker and likes to bare it all. She's so beautiful that she doesn't need adornment imo and to me it just takes away from the classic look.
  4. I have a black one and she's currently resting and naked, but fully dressed she wear the legacy pony scarf and maybe the brass heart keyfob.
  5. I have a whiskey Ali and a black Ali and they both run around all nakedy! What must the neighbors think? :shocked:
  6. ^^ Another vote for naked Ali. She is kind of a free spirit. I, on the other hand, tend to be clothed when going out. LOL
  7. I have pave hang tags, pave heart tags, pave peace sign, well all my bags have a pave piece hanging. :yes:
  8. I've never tried putting anything on mine. I think the Ali looks great w/o anything.
  9. I have the signature khaki/ebony Ali and another "naked"!! She wears nothing!!
  10. My white Ali wears either the skull charm or the legacy stripe scarf. But she does get a little warm in the summer and likes to run around naked from time to time.
  11. I tend not to put things on bags anyhow, but I really think the Ali is fine just naked.
  12. Oh I was hoping for pics here :sad: I love the Coach charms and scarves.
  13. They're not great photo's. I've taken the blue flower charm off Black Ali and added a pave peace sign.
    PICT0027.jpg PICT0118.jpg PICT0047.jpg
  14. Wow! Love the photos--what a beautiful collection! Isn't it great when you find just the style you love?

    My whiskey ali wears a serenity prayer coin my mom gave me for Christmas; my new black ali is still resting and stuffed in her dustbag.

    I've found the hardware makes it a bit more tricky to hang things off it; you have to experiment a bit, which is part of the fun!:graucho:
  15. My black Ali is wearing the black and white signture ponytail scarf. And my brown Ali is wearing the new scarf print oblong scarf (the green one).