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  1. Happened to notice that there is a Bordeaux Weekender on the Cricket (Liverpool, UK) website. However, I recall that a number of folks have indicated their displeasure with this establishment. What's the general consensus ... deal {buy} or no deal {do not buy}?
  2. WELL...I have mentioned that my experience with Cricket was good. HOWEVER, it seems other people haven't had good experiences, so I feel badly about recommending them!

    I would say go for it and order if it's something you really want, but be prepared for them to tell you they are out of stock after you've ordered. (They rarely update their site!) I think someone was told they were out of the item even after they had originally been told their item had been shipped.

    It seems they are reputable in terms of having authentic merchandise, but they don't keep on top of their stock.

    Hope this helps!
  3. IF you decide to buy, do it over the phone. Because I DIDN'T, and I ordered the bronze City online, paid using their server thing, and 24 hours after I paid they sold my bag to someone else. The last one. My bank had already charged me conversion fees, so by the time my money was returned I lost money AND had no bag. Either avoid them like the plague or speak to a human being. Otherwise you could end up getting screwed like I did. Not that I'm bitter. :biggrin:
  4. After getting my Bronze City from Cricket (it arrived on Tuesday), I have to say that I'm very happy with them & feel that it was really worth the wait (and all those astronomical fees for int'l shipping & customs). They are definitely 100% legitimate/authentic....actually I did a Google search on them and they sound like the Barneys of Liverpool, UK (where all the footballers' wives/Victoria Beckham types of UK society shop). You can check out,1586,1484742,00.html and

    Now, in terms of ordering, you can browse online all you want but their website stock #'s is NOT an accurate reflection of what's actually in-stock, not even close....since they supposedly update their website only a few times a year. My experience is that it's best to call and ask the SAs about what exactly is in stock. I tried e-mailing them first and then using the online contact form, but no response both times. Yes, int'l calls are not cheap, but there's no other way around it. When I called, I spoke with 3 different SAs while placing my order (over the course of 3 days) and they were all very, very friendly. The Head SA (in charge of int'l orders for B-bags) is Gemma. She helped me put my bag on-hold and then had me fax in my credit card payment details. It did take about a week and a half for the bag to reach the US....but they have the rare 2005 season bags and I liked what I no complaints from me in that regard. If they have another Balenciaga I'm looking for and can't find in the US, I'd be happy to buy from them again.
  5. Foxy, (if you don't mine me asking) what did you end up having to pay (total) for the bronze City from Cricket?
  6. I find Cricket overpriced, not to mention the fact that they don't seem to update their website frequently to indicate their inventory. Then they take the orders and realize "Oops.. don't actually have the bag".

    If you're going to order from them, I'd call first and make sure they have the bag in inventory. Otherwise, you'll pay the 2%-3% charge on your CC for a bag that you're never going to get.

    I prefer Browns Fashions over Cricket. I find them to update their websites and take orders far more accurately. Just my two cents though. In the end, the bag did end up costing me more too than buying it in the states due to customs, but it was not by too much.

    Good luck, CeeJay! I hope it's a fabulous color because I'm dying to see your next bag!
  7. About $1300 altogether....definitely not cheap I'm trying to enjoy it :smile:
  8. Its funny you should say they're overpriced BL - compared to everywhere else in the UK their prices are bargain-basement. Even paying OTT for shipping, I still payed £45 less than if I'd bought at Harvey Nicks.

    I had a good experience with them, but definitely try and talk to a real person about what's in stock - the website is really misleading in that respect.
  9. One of the problems with us "yanks" buying merchandise overseas (either in the UK or the Continent) is the exchange rate. Both the Pound and the Euro are very strong against the dollar. In addition, we get "slapped" with a conversion fee (which - depending on your Credit Card company, can be quite steep). I have also found that some merchants will charge 'extra' if you use AMEX (even though they indicate that they take it). Since I used to work for AMEX, I was obliged to report this as it is illegal to do this if the merchant displays the logo anywhere within their shop.

    Thanks for all the responses ... I will definitely call them beforehand and see what's what (in addition to calling Koh Samui and Browns!). I already know that I'm going to get 'hit' with the exchange rate and customs.
  10. Are crickets & koh samui selling brand new bags or is it a consignment store? I noticed that they have bbags from previous seasons....
  11. Can I ask a dumb question?? How the heck do I dial them internationally, I've been trying 011 + the country code and its not working!!!!
  12. 011 44 151 227 4645

    Cricket's number is 0151 2274645. When dialing internationally you knock the 0 off the area code (0151 becomes 151).

  13. Thanks!!!
  14. I live right near Cricket in liverpool and recommend it 1000% percent. Although dont do it through the site because as people have stated its crap. Do it over the phone and although our accents are hard to understand we are very nice and helpful people and everybody who works there is too.

    Cricket is legit and selling new bags and the prices are the same as compared to other b-bag sellers in the UK. All their stock is designer eg. Chloe, Juicy, Missoni etc... and it is a exclusive boutique where all the footballers wifes are spotted. Plus the shop is beautiful.

    By the way if anybody would like me to go into the shop one saturday and check if they have the style your after just PM and ask im sure it wouldnt be a problem :biggrin:
  15. Your accents arent hard to understand!! I love your accents:love: Everyone sounds sophisticated even if they're not!:P

    I spoke to Jemma from Criket today and she was lovely! Great customer service over the phone and very accomodating.

    I just hope they dont give my bag away to anyone else like they did to ET :sad: