So what's the point of this????

  1. I won an eBay auction last night. Went to my pay pal acct and put the money through. This morning the seller is no longer registered, I went to the pay pal acct expecting my money to now be with the seller and thinking I would be an item down and having to dispute the sale with pay pal. But no the seller hadn't taken the money so I was able to cancel the transaction.

    What I would like to know is what was the point of this? Do I need to be on my guard about anything?
  2. Just don't send her a money order or anything if she emails you and wants to sell the item you offline. Sounds like she was suspended and you'll have no recourse if she takes your money and runs. Forget the item!
  3. Cheers Judy, reply much appreciated.
  4. I were lucky to get your money back...definitely move on from this transaction no matter how much you wanted the item.
  5. she could've been NARU'd for a silly reason, happens to some of eBay's best. . . don't send her any money, if she gets reinstated, she can explain what happened and relist it for you.