So what's the next "must have" bag?

  1. So, what do you think the new "it" bag will be? you know the one that we must get on the waiting list months in advance...any thoughts?
  2. I'm not one that really goes out and buys the next "it" bag just because everyone else is buying it... I buy something if I really like it. :yes:
  3. I like buying a bag that makes me happy. Often time it becomes the "It" bag and I'm never on the waiting list. So I end up with no bag!:sad:
  4. I'm not sure I've ever owned an "IT" bag...but I'll be honest this Spring, I haven't seen anything I just had to have!
  5. I dont think an IT bag is defined as a bag everyone else has and you have to get it, thats like "joining the bandwagon". I think it would be defined as a bag that is just simply your favorite that you MUST have and surely others will proably want it as well not just because you and others are buying but because of the beauty of the product and perhaps the exclusiveness of it.
  6. My next LV bag will be a momo speedy 25 or 30.
  7. You took the words right from my :yes:

    The next must have LV bag for me is the Beverly Clutch. It may not be the next 'it' bag but it's the one I
  8. I just want another shoulder bag.;)
  9. She's thinking of bags like the miroirs and the heart purse... It shouldn't be that hard to figure out? It's about bags that have a low supply and that are highly sought after, no matter if you're wanting it or not.

    None of the bags from this season seem to fall into that category, we'll have to wait for the fall models.. THe last one was the heart purse. Perhaps LV'll be in more luck. It might happen to the LoVe totes, but I highly doubt it.
  10. This season is half way through there are a few still to dcome out but I think the lists will be pretty full as for the IT bag of next season it's still alittle too early for info on that one although I am excited to see the rainbow of suhali colours or the aramante vernis
  11. The cloud line has some "it" potential, but as far as the fall/winter line is concerned it's far too early to guess.
  12. The Clouds are gorgeous. But that said, I can't think of any die die must have bags this upcoming season
  13. Yea. The cloud bag looks pretty. Darn, I won't be near any city for the next few seasons to waitlist for any bags.
  14. I MUST HAVE the Damier sporty bag:yes:
  15. The cloud bags look hot.