So what's the next bag on your wish list?

  1. What are you hankering after and for those coming to the May meet- what will you be looking for? or are you actually content now after all the xmas/ sale bags that have been purchased?
    I'm thinking a wallet/ Effie :graucho: but I'm not desperately lusting after anything!:girlsigh:
  2. Good question - I'm having a very weird time as I'm currently NOT obsessing about a new bag. This is not a state I'm used to!
    I've started using pink Hanover (heck the sun's out today and she looks positively neon!) and since my sale buys I haven't had that feeling of just having to go and see what's around.
    I love the shape of the Hanover so have contemplated a choc or oak one but neither of those colours goes with the clothes I wear so that's putting me off.
    I'm going to come to the May meet totally open-minded and see if anything grabs me. I'd quite like some new accessories - I've got a black congo cosmetic bag I've had forever that I'd like to update and I really want a funky new, bright purse.
    I think the bag I'm most likely to buy is a messenger - Antony or a slightly bigger one - in black for my NY trip next winter.
  3. Possible an Effie in a cream/coconut/vanilla shade. I liked the look of the Brooke very much, but it sounds like it could be a bit on the small side.

    I love Mulberry's messenger bags but I already have a black one and a brown one by Radley. I don't usually like Radley bags but these are nice and plain, and they're very well made (and I don't leave the dinky little dog on them). Thinking about it, it would be really subversive to put a Radley dog a Mulberry bag.....on second thoughts, NO :lol:
  4. ^^^ Hmmm.... would love a red Mabel, but as I have a very BRIGHT pink hanover maybe I will tone it down with my next one??
    I think that I need a canvas bag for summer trips out with the girls, beach and days out etc... Do Mulberry do canvas bags now??
  5. I would like anything and everything! Because I shop on a budget and without any Mulberry stores...I am very open and can make a selection based on price and availability. I would love a Black Annie, a choco Roxanne, a Hanover, an Alfie....!!!!! What fun to dream!!!
  6. Hmmmm - I would love something in choco, either Hanover or Effie. Needing a really good shoulder bag!
  7. Black somerset tote!! Hopefully by July!!
  8. Hmm, on my wishlist: Either oak hobo style (Hanover or Annie) or a more formal shoulderbag (east/west Bayswater or Kensington). And matching wallet - a must :shame: (I know, I'm silly) I will try to be strong and not buy anything Mulberry before the Bicester-meet!
  9. Nothing at all : smugsmilie: :p

    I was after the Agyness wallet but, since having a play with one yesterday, I've gone off it.

    The Bayswater keyring is on my list, if that's any help :lol:

    And, actually, I'm vaguely in the market for a clutch but as I'd use it so rarely, I'm not thinking Mulberry. I might go for MbyMJ instead ;)
  10. Red Mabel!!! Red Mabel!!! Red Mabel!!!:yahoo:

    I can't stop thinking about this bag! GO RED FOR SPRING!:drool:
  11. I am lusting after a vanilla brooke or a oak alana but am unsure which one! any suggestions?
  12. i want/need something/anything in choc!!

    Red is a good colour for the mo though so they say

  13. Oooh, oak Alana - now you're talking. I've got a black Alana & it's a bag that I've ended up liking far more than I thought I would.

  14. Vicky - your profile says you're in Sweden - are you going to be joining us at Bicester?? Fab if you are!
  15. would like something in black. m thinking of perhaps an anthony but not in the near future. hopefully i'll be getting a blenheim soon n i just got a black congo purse. so my bank account needs a rest :p i should seriously stop browsing through eBay, keep getting tempted.