So what's the deal? Why are so many here down on D&B Bags???

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  2. This question has been asked alot on the forum as well as "why doesn't anyone like Coach?"
    While I think its quite okay for everyone to have their own tastes, the only thing I don't like is "bag/brand bashing". IMO, that does not reflect the spirit of TPF. So please don't be hurt or insulted if someone doesn't like the same line you do and just ignore those that feel the need to make others feel bad about the bags they do like. Its just a big waste of time.
    Stick with threads that actually have something constructive to contribute.
    Have a great day!:flowers:
  3. ^^i second that.
  4. If you look at what middle-class women on the street wear, it's not usually LV or Hermes. It's Dooney or Coach.

    Dooney has been remarked on as a brand for younger girls. I think the past several years Dooney made a huge effort to appeal to the younger crowd. It meant that the marketing and the products seen in ads were mostly geared towards teens and tweens. It made many people think if Dooney as more for the younger crowd and less for the more established and conservative women.

    However, there are a great deal of very low-key styles that appeal to the older generations. I live in CT and many older, well dressed women wear nice clothing and carry leather Dooneys.
  5. because they dont' cost as much.

    because they are in the same price range as Coach but come up with childlike-influenced patterns.... which makes them look juvinile.

    because everyone is afraid to say how much they like their dooney bags because of popular opinion.

    i like dooney, and will continue to like dooney. i was a total advocate for this subforum, and am thrilled. i'm a proud dooney owner, but i understand why others don't like them.

    some people aren't willing to look past the childlike patterns that pop up (and are taking over....) in Dooney, but i am. i think that the fun flare they have keeps everyone in a youthful frame of mind. if ya don't like the bag, don't buy the bag, ya know?

    i suppose some people see a lower price, and automatically associate it with the ugly patterns and wierd styles that Dooney puts out. i think part of the fun of finding a bag by dooney that you like is you get to sift through all the other things they make. there could be an endless amount of answers to that question. i say just enjoy what you love with no regrets or questions asked! wee!
  6. i'm from Connecticut, and my mother lives there.

    my mother is an avid coach and dooney collecter, and even tho she's fizzled out on Dooney (she has a coach boutique at her fingertips) she still carries MANY of her dooneys ALL the time! she's a classy middle aged lady who LOVES her dooney & bourkes (i'd love to see someone try and tell her dooney is cheap or ugly lol...)
  7. I'm not hurt by the comments, just surprised that people would be so down on a bag that's pretty-well made and semi-reasonable. I don't get the 'if it costs more, it must be better,' mentality.

    I buy what I like and there's a great variety there. I have LV, Fendi, Gucci, Kooba, Coach, Brahmin, D&B, MAXX NY and a few no namers. I buy what I like and what I can afford.

    I give Dooney and Coach kudos for their creativity and trying to keep their lines available, fresh and with spirit, while maintaining the more classic styles and patterns that they made their reputations on. For that alone, I think they deserve some respect.

    But to each their own. There are several of the 'higher end' bags that I find horrifying, but I don't want to make derogatory comments about them in their own forum because I think it's tasteless and rude to do so.

  8. Well said. I agree 100%.
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  10. the request for the subforum is still being talked about in the feedback dropbox! ;) wow!
  11. I'm gonna take a look at it right now!
  12. i agree with that!
  13. yeah, well, i freaking love dooney...happy to have a place where others do to! :woohoo:
  14. I remember the first time I found tPF before the lovely Coach and now this Dooney subforum, the hatred for D&B was so strong.

    But the growth on tPF is allowing persons who love what they love a place to speak and that's all I care about!

  15. I feel its a very stupid question..What wrong with like a dooney and bourke just b.c its not $2,000.00 does not mean its cheap or useless. If you dont like the fact of a DB forumn dont look at it.. Just scrool down past it.. We all have familys and we all dont waste are pay checkks on Lv or rank up are CC... Stop bashing The coach forum and DB forum u r in ur own lil world!!! You probaly only think a decsent handbag is $2,000.00 handbags while other people are starrving out in the world and making miminum wage and all u have to say is y we like a descent price Handbags.:yucky: