So What's on Your Handbag Chritmas List

  1. At the moment a woven Gryson is on the top of my list. Im not really picky about which one, just the one at the lowest price. If they'e all sold out out by the time I start Christmas shopping (hopefully before Dec. 25) my second choice is the Royal Blue MAB, and if that doesnt work out I guess a used Chanel flap bag (I dont have $2000 to spend on a new one).
  2. I'll take a TANO bag! :yahoo:
  3. I got the LV mirage speedy in black!!! Can't wait until Xmas to use it!
  4. I really want a damier pegase 60 and a black city balenciaga GGH.
  5. I have a long list but I cannot buy any -- I already overly purchased too many this season. I have to behave, for now. :crybaby:
  6. Large black leather Gucci Indy bag or Prada bowler bag
  7. :wtf: I can't even think about a new bag!
    No way: I have to think about the christmas presents I have to buy and bags are presents for myself (My BF would never try to buy one for me, he knows it would be very difficult to meet my desires).
    So, I'll be calm and wait.
    I think :graucho:
  8. im abit of a designer bag newbie, but i would LOVE my first Chanel bag.
    I have been dreaming for one since i was hopefully, people can help fund my lemming!
  9. Tods T bag in chocolate.
  10. LV Tivoli GM
  11. I really want the Fendi Woven Zucca Bowler. I found it for $882 which is considered a sale. However, it's still more than I've ever spent on a bag. I really want it and I look at it online everday. How do you guys feel about the price? By the way, the bag is $1470.
  12. If it is a bag that you deperately want and $882 is the lowest price you can find it, then I say go for it. I tought I could never spend $500 on a bag, but since I bought my Chloe bag for $746, anything up to $800 I consider a steal, which is prob. sad. I tell people about my $600 steals and they think Im crazy. But tust me, once you take the leap it wont be as big of a deal anymore. However shop around for the lowest price, b/c if you find out that you could've gotten it at a lower price you may reget buying it so soon.
  13. ME TOO! I keep taking my mom to the LV store and trying it on. I left the card of an LV associate on the coffee table with Tivoli GM and the price on the back. I hope you get it! I know I won't haha.
  14. I wanted the RM MAB, but when I received it looked as if I was carrying my gym bag:crybaby: I sent her back and bought a HH Orsay Satchel in Caffe to console myself. I'm still looking for a really special bag, but cannot decide. The closest shops carrying such bags are around two hours away. DH has promised a shopping trip, which I doubt will happen until after the holidays. I've been ill and his work schedule is crazy. I really need to see and try on these bags IRL...what I think will work, by looking online, is often so very wrong:push:
  15. Mini Lin Speedy 30, Damier Speedy 25!