So What's Next?

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  1. Just because I've exhausted my bag budget for this quarter doesn't mean I can' t start strategizing the next one! I really want Batignolles Horizontal now (spurred by Pseub). What is your next bag?
  2. My next will be either the Balenciaga Twiggy (in Cornflower, Origan or Biege) or the Chloe Silverado Satchel (Cognac).
  3. My next bag should be the Batignolles as well, can't decide which one, I guess it'll depend on the mood that day!
  4. Finally ordered the Lucille PM in black/white and am awaiting shipment from eluxury.

    The next bag I have my eyes on is the damier speedy, lets see how patient I can be.
  5. i believe i've decided on a chanel classic flap in caviar leather since i missed out on the reissue 2.55 :cry: . or maybe something from the cambon line...unless something like a nice balenciaga catches my eye! :amuse:
  6. Same with Mariah, a nice Chanel flap or a ligne cambon pochette.. and a speedy (damier.. mono, anything's good!).
  7. I think I might save up for my very first LV (alas, I am still a virgin:shame: ) I am thinking the batignolles horizontal or the popincourt haut (sp?)... or even the speedy 30. Must try them on first...
  8. Balenciaga box in black
  9. I fell in love with a black and tan Fendi B bag ... but I have no idea when they will hit the stores ... so I rationalized and bought my third Chanel instead - buttery soft black leather with diamond quilting and silver hardware - two small pockets on the sides with the double C stitched ... and a silver logo dangling from the zipper are ... Handle is a mix of plain leather plus on each side - silver chains... brand new - just hit the stores ... don't know the model name ...
  10. Go for the batignolles horizontal! I LOVE MINE :love: I'm currently doing research for my next purchase.....a Balenciaga in 2-3 months :nuts: What style, what size, what color?!?!? I love these debates :biggrin:
  11. I'm thinking probably the Gerard Darel Charlotte, and maybe a Balenciaga later this year when I save up $1200!
  12. Well I'm not getting a new bag until after my wedding (June 17th) I don't think (FH would kill me :-X )... So my next target is a LV multicolor small ring agenda :love:
  13. Next bag might be either a black paddy or damier alma, and then sealing the deal with a damier speedy hopefully. :shame:
  14. I will be quite happy with any one of these:
    LV Epi Speedy 30 in Mandarin
    Damier Speedy 30
    Balenciaga Twiggy in Cornflower Blue

    :love: :love: :love:
  15. A Tan Chloe Edith and White Dior Gaucho