so, what's next..???

  1. Hi everyone!
    just need your help. i just recently bought damier speedy 30,:heart:
    neverfull pm and black MC PTI.:heart: but I just can't get enough LV, I want MORE!!!:drool:
    what should be my next purchase? all suggestions are welcome. TIA!
  2. What about the Mini Lin Speedy? Or something in Vernis? Or Epi? haha, there are too many! What are your favorite lines?
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    hi kimalee!
    thanks for your quick reply.
    actually, i'm thinking of getting a vernis bedford
    but i also like the denim neo cabby and the denim baggy pm.
    I'm having a tough time deciding which! hahaha!
  4. maybe a Vernis Houston or Bedford in Pomme

    or the Denim Neo Cabby GM in Black :heart:
  5. I vote for the Neo Cabby in black or the Baggy PM! There both great bags, you can't go wrong with either!:tup:
  6. thanks Couture_Girl! i'm kinda leaning towards black neo cabby mm.
    but we'll see.
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    you're absolutely right kimalee.
    both denim bags are great and i really like the black neo cabby mm.
    not yet decided though.:confused1:
  8. I have the Baggy PM and I love it. So I vote for that or the Black Neo Cabby
  9. Black denim neo cabby mine! Haven't stopped using it since I got it!
  10. vernis pomme keyholder and they grey pm inclusion. small but niceeee
  11. I like the look of the black neo cabby or..or..or..or the MC speedy. I love those
  12. :yes: :tup:
  13. I think the Neo Cabby is a great choice. Very versatile bag.